BREAKING FLIGHT 9252: An alternative version of the Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript – REVISITED USING A BRAIN

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Airbus-A320-plane-crashes-in-French-Alps-Cockpit-Voice-Recorder-Is-FoundThe final moments of the Germanwings flight is confirmed by the recording of the“Cockpit Voice Recorder,” on one of the A320’s two black boxes. This is the exact crash location (link).

They decided not to share this tape in the media, but it is translated into a script. In bold I added my thoughts, taking into account my initial findings about the possible roles of the pilots (link blog) and what might have caused a “violent bang” (link blog). I really want to hear the recording myself, to conduct further analysis and be sure.

The transcript  [with my evaluation added] 

10:00 am

The airplane takes off.  [confirmed] 


The Captain says to Lubitz: “I didn’t have time to use the bathroom before taking off.” Lubitz: “Go whenever you’d like.”  [I believe it.] 


image001.jpgThe plane has reached cruising altitude: 38000 feet (11.500 meters)   [I believe it.]

The captain asks Lubitz to prepare the approach for landing and to verify that the plane can begin the landing process. Lubitz obeys. He repeats to the captain again: “You can go. You can go now.”         [On the right a selfi of Andreas Lubitz]

[I believe it. The captain takes the initiative himself to leave the cockpit to go to the bathroom. It is also the captain that takes the initiative to have Lubith prepare the automatic pilote programme for a (slow) decent. To be clear, at this time in the flight, there is no reason for the pilot to ask the co-pilot to do this. The captain asks Lubitz to prepare for landing one hour (!) before they are supposed to land in Dusseldorf? Just 20 minutes before landing is normal. Why would he ask this one hour beforehand? As a result, Lubith’s fingerprints will be on the automatic pilot dashboard.] 


Noise can be heard coming from a seat: the captain removes his seatbelt. The door is opened. The captain says to Lubitz: “You are in control now.”

Lubitz answers with a seemingly light tone of voice: “I hope so.”

[Why would the above take 2 minutes? The captain stands up. Lubitz is supposed to prepare for landing, while the captain is likely behind him watching. He then likely uses something like chloroform to make the co-pilot unconscious. This will not be heard on the voicerecorder. The captain turns around to open and close the cockpit door, while he stays in the cockpit!] 


Lubitz is alone in the cockpit. He locks the armored door with the “Lock” button: it is no longer possible to open the door from the outside. One can hear the sounds of the automatic pilot being reprogrammed to accelerate the descent, pushing the plane from 38,000 feet (11.000 meters) to 100 feet (30 meters) in a matter of minutes.

[The captain provides co-pilot Lubitz a breathing mask perhaps with GHB added (maybe the click heard at 10:30h, which is supposed to lock the door). Lubitz will continue to breath normally in an oxygen mask, yet is unaware of anything for the rest of his life. The captain then reprogrammes the automatic pilot to accelerate descent. As the captain intends to escape the plane in time, while blaming it all on Lubitz, he needs the automatic pilot for the crash.]


The landing begins: the plane drops 3000 feet (900 meters) per minute. Air traffic controllers detect the problem. They try several times to contact the airplane by radio. Lubitz does not respond.

The captain’s voice can be heard as he tries to open the door: “It’s me!” The captain is facing a camera connected to the cockpit: Lubitz sees him on screen but does not react. The captain grabs an oxygen tank or fire extinguisher in order to break down the door. No response from Lubitz. The captain yells: “For the love of God, open this door!”

[The captain/pilot pushes against the door from the inside, as if he is locked outside and pushes from the outside. He opens the escape panel in the lower part of the door, and crawls out (this will not be notified on a blackbox, as the panel is mechanical). He then is on the other side of the door. It sounds like he is outside, trying to get in. In fact, by then he is outside the cockpit. Now the captain starts acting for a few minutes as if he is locked out.]

10:34 approximately

A first alarm goes off, audible and visual: “SINK RATE, PULL UP.”

No reaction from Lubitz.

Through the cockpit door, the first sounds of passengers running in the aisles can be heard.


The captain asks for the crowbar hidden in the back of the plane. Louder bangs can be heard hitting the door, followed by metallic sounds [?]. The captain tries to bend the door with the crowbar.

[One of the cabine crew is asked for a crowbar in the back. This way the cabin crew will not attempt to help and try open the cockpit door themselves to reveal the deceipt. We have no idea what the cabin crew is doing after. We never hear from any of the other cabin crew members again, after the captain asks for the crowbar. The captain might as well have put poison on the crowbar to get rid of the cabin crew! When the first crew member falls down due to the poison, the next crew member will likely pick-up the crowbar.]

[In other media it stated that 3 times they heard “Louder bangs can be heard hitting the door, followed by metallic sounds”. In my alternative theory, the captain removes the kitchen carts from the kitchen cabinet. We all know the sound of that. It is a bang followed by metallic sounds (3x). The captain then opens an access point to the storage area below deck (with another crowbar or something). The access point should have been well hidden in the floor below the kitchen/bar carts.]  

10:37 and several seconds

A second alarm is set off, audible and visual: “TERRAIN, PULL UP.” Still no reaction from Lubitz.

The captain yells: “Open this f… door!”

[The captain/pilot continues acting, while co-pilot Lubitz is unconscious in the cockpit. From the kitchen area he yells another time at the cockpit door, before disappearing below deck. The second alarm is likely a sign for the captain, he needs to get into the ejection seat. He likely even programmed the descent angle and route precisely beforehand, knowing he would have a few minutes to escape when the second alarm is set off.] 


Despite the deafening noises, Lubitz’s breathing can clearly be heard through an oxygen mask he put on. He is breathing normally. The plane is at 13000 feet (4000 meters).

[We no longer hear the captain, nor any of the other cabin crew. Only the sound of people panicking. Somehow the captain has gotten rid off the cabine crew and is quiet himself. This is not what cabin crews are trained to do in a situation like this. It sounds like the passengers are all by themselves in a plane going down. No crew member is doing anything to help or comfort.]


A violent sound can be heard outside. At the same time, inside, screaming. The Airbus hits the mountain with its right wing.

No other sound, save for the alarms and the screaming passengers.

[The captain/pilot had at least 2-3 minutes to enter his ejection seat. When he takes off, he likely uses some rocketing mechanism, which causes a violent sound and pushes that side of the plane aggressively in a backlash/recoil. The storage door is pushed against the right wing.]


The airplane hits the Estrop mountain range at 5000 feet (1500 meters) at 800 km/h.

[The pilot causing the crash likely left the plane in time by ejection seat, while the rest of the airplane with passengers continues intact, until the crash.] 

p.s. While Andreas Lubitz is in the news with many 2712FD0200000578-3016420-Upset_The_family_of_pilot_Patrick_Sonderheimer_who_desperately_t-a-29_1427592520938pictures and stories about a potential mental illness and relationship troubles, the pilot Patrick Sonderheimer is solely praised for his courage. And there are no photo’s of Patrick Sonderheimer. Oddly.

p.p.s. While I can not proof the above comments I made are true, there is also not enough proof to convict Andres Lubitz in a trial by media. Would Andres Lubitz be convicted solely on this audiotape had he survived? I do not think so. And he is dead. 

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to BREAKING FLIGHT 9252: An alternative version of the Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript – REVISITED USING A BRAIN

  1. elizabeth says:

    “somehow the captain got rid of the cabin crew” – ja maud. maar thats not good enough.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      My story is more likely then what the media is telling you now. It is just an alternative theory.
      In the official story with Andreas as the terrorist, what did the 5 cabin crew members do those last 10 minutes? Someone made them very quiet. The only person still talking is the captain.

  2. jim caprioli says:

    Well you can prove your conspiracy theory by proving that Patrick Sonderheimer is alive and well. You als need to establish a motive for Sonderheimer.

  3. Tomteeejay says:

    You do realize that no A320 is equipped with an ejection seat. Not even Airbus or commercial test pilots fly with ejection seats. Some commercial test pilots on Airbus aircraft do wear parachutes and helmets but to suggest that an ejection seat is fitted on commercial aircraft is absolutely ludicrous.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      Perhaps you should read the next blog. It says they might have added an ejection cabin in the storage unit below deck. It explains everything…. I cannot proof everything, but it matches with the data we have. The official story is totally ridiculous.

      Tom, do you know if there is standard a floorhatch in the A320 around the kitchen area in the front of the plane? One that leads to the storage unit in the front below deck?

  4. John Friesing says:

    What would be the motive, maudoortwijn?

  5. waterman10 says:

    Political. To warn Merkel,do not Brexit buisness with Russia and Putin.

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