De fake aanslag op Nemtsov wordt gehypet, terwijl tegelijk een serie zelfmoorden van politici in Oekraine stil wordt gehouden

This year alone, 6 former Ukraine government leaders died under suspicous circumstances. These are former officials and members of the Party of Regions in Ukraine. The media do not report on this, except for the BBC (link). The politicians were politically related to Viktor Yanukovych (who is no longer in power).

  • In August 2014, Valentyna Semenyuk, a former head of the State Property Fund, was found dead. That was in 2014.
  • Oleksiy Kolesnyk, ex-head of Kharkiv’s regional government was found hanged on 29 January 2015.
  • Serhiy Valter, a mayor in the south-eastern city of Melitopol, was found hanged on 25 February; he too had been accused of abuse of office.
  • Oleksandr Bordyuh, a former police deputy chief in Melitopol linked to Mr Valter, was found dead at his home on 26 February.
  • Mykhaylo Chechetov, former party deputy chairman, died after apparently jumping from a window in his 17th-floor flat on 28 February; he had been accused of abuse of office and fraud.
  • Stanislav Melnyk, 53, an ex-MP was found shot dead in his bathroom on 9 March.
  • Oleksandr Peklushenko (link), former regional governor has been found dead in Ukraine (12/3/2015). The former head of Zaporizhzhya, had suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and authorities said initial inquiries pointed to suicide.

How much taxes do we pay? For this money, can we expect normal media & politics? 

Nemtsov en vlechten 25538-thumb-670x621These are six politicians who recently were in power, now dead, without much international media attention, even though Ukraine is in the news continuously. Compare that to the media circus around old Boris Nemtsov. Why is that? Because the assasination of Boris Nemtsov itself serves the agenda for the NWO:  they want the media attention for the Nemtsov story! The above six politicians, they wanted to get rid off. That is a different story, though not brought to the public at all. Ladies and gentlemen, the media reports up-side-down.

The picture above shows Boris Nemtsov, Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko. 

ps. Suicide is Ukraine’s most common type of injury death. Worldwide, Ukraine is 13th in the ranking of number of suicides per 100,000 inhabitants (population is 45 miljoen). In 2009, the number of suicides among men was 39 per 100,000 inhabitants. Of course these statistics are provided by the government, which makes you wonder. When assuming there are 500 leading positions in government and politics, one would expect the number of suicides to be less than 1 person per 5 years in that group. 

pps. In case you are still wondering whose side the CIA and UN are on, here is your answer. And it is even more obvious than the #JeSuisCharlie button he was wearing at the Golden Globe’s after the Charlie Hebdo hoax attack. NWO agenda, dear readers. 

Clooney en vlechten download B7G9LCoCMAAIT76 (2)

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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6 Responses to De fake aanslag op Nemtsov wordt gehypet, terwijl tegelijk een serie zelfmoorden van politici in Oekraine stil wordt gehouden

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  2. Yulia Yulia Ya says:

    is not she an actress too, whats her name?

  3. Mingle in discussion says:

    ha ha ally mc beal?
    nope is not a match
    but she might be an actress
    she looks familiar

  4. Halo Jeelo effect says:

    Rob de Nijs and Belinda Meuldijk?

    Or Pim Fortuyn and Yulia Tymoshenko from Ukraine?

    You tell me

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