Copenhagen: What happened to Finn Norgaard? I’ve searched and studied all available materials….

The above video shows a reasonable reconstruction of the event that took place February 14 in Copenhagen. The main entrance is in the middle and has a glass front. To the left is the conference on free speech in the Stalden room. The attacker is about 3.5m away from the main entrance and starts shooting, about 1.0 – 1.5 metres to the left of where he is positioned in the video. Finn Norgaard likely escape the backdoor of the conference room, to stop the attacker by sneaking-up from behind him (he was on the ground 4 metres further away from where the reconstruction video says he is). Moreover, witness reports claim two civillians (who work at Krudttonden) were hiding behind the bar (link). It is unclear if one of the two civillians was initially standing in front of the bar, as shown in the reconstruction video.

Unique video footage

The attacker must have been standing exactly where the photographer stands in the left picture below (yet 1 to 1.5 metre closer towards the wall on the left). The photo right shows a CSI agent, studying the location where the attacker was standing, with right behind the car on the left, the location where Finn Norgaard (RIP) was found.

blå-terrorpakke-krudttønden-facade 25AFD7D900000578-2953594-Examining_the_scene_A_forensic_expert_looks_for_clues_at_the_sce-a-35_1424021132739

Below link shows the BBC video.

In this video (from about 1:00 to 1:15s) we see footage from the first two men who arrive on the scene. These men know exactly what to do, before arriving on the scene. The same footage seems to be used by AlJazeera in this video:

The first two man on the scene basically manage the situation for the police to arrive. The man in black (male, 25 years, athletic, dark short hair) walks along the scene to signal the police (motor cycle etc) to come on in. He whistles and waves: here it is!

The second man walks in a similar fashion to the first man and walks behind him (male, 25 years, normal build, blond short hair, 2 days beard, red T-shirt, no jacket). At 1:03.00 we see two persons behind these plants (1 hurt) and blood. This must have been Finn Norgaard on the ground. At 1:03 the man in the red shirt is still walking. We see him put a phone (?) in his right trouser pocket and take-off his shirt, while still walking. He takes of his T-shirt before he is able to see who sits behind the plants on the ground and what his condition is.


In the above video at 1:02 the location where he was found can be seen clearly. To the left the large stone plateau with plants. Between these plants and the sidedoor to the conference room Stalden was a car parked, which can be seen in the picture above. Given the CSI labels on the ground, we assume the attacker must have been standing next to that black car when firing to the front (the gunfire between 17s en 22s in the voicerecording). Between 23s en 26s different gun shots are heard, presumebly from the security guards inside. It must have been 26s-27s in the voicerecording, when Finn Norgaard was shot, assumed on this exact location.

It suggests that during the attack, the gunman was standing to the left of the main entrance, behind the stone brick wall, in front of the sidedoor to the Stalden conference room.

Hospitals nearby

Not long after, Finn Norgaard died. The media hardly mentions him nor how/when he died. Below the location of Krudttonden (left) and the hospitals around (right and link). Three hospitals within 1 km of Krudttonden. An ambulance should ‘ve been there immediately, as the first hospital is literally around the corner (Krudttonden is next to Osterbro stadion). What happened?

copenhagen15n-1-web6 SAM_1039

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to Copenhagen: What happened to Finn Norgaard? I’ve searched and studied all available materials….

  1. Jim says:

    The license plate of the car is EMC 716. Anyone know who’s car it is? It is used for the gunman to take cover, so perhaps put there in advance?

  2. Jim says:

    Why just wear a red shirt? Where did these 2 men came from? Where they at the conference? Are they neighbours? Or, well. Just wearing a red shirt.

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