Lars Vilks and the Synagoge attack: How to catch a suspect (part 1) Copenhagen

Omar 001_rb-image-1706710Based on below CCTV footage [pictures below], the suspect has been identified and later shot dead. The footage is taken close to where the so-called attacker parked his stolen vehicle after the attack on Krudttonden. He is on the phone, likely calling a taxi. Then the attacker took a taxi (with a number plate visible) to a building close to Norrebro station (the taxi driver told the police). Not long after, the police started surveillance on that specific building. When Omar returned home, he was shot, because he started firing at the police. How stupid is this Omar guy? [picture above right]

This could be how the police finds an attacker. It could also be a set-up. How can they do a set-up? Well, it is not that difficult, once you already have someone under surveillance and know their movements and clothes and agenda.


To me this is a vague description. How can anyone be certain it is him? It might as well be one of the guys in below picture, for all I know. These are pictures of men who I know are involved in activities for secret service agencies within this NWO programme. It migh as well be them. [I can’t tell, these pictures are too vague]

Neef Nepal project 02 Shri Nepal 02 SAM_0128

Nonetheless, the police said they were shot at by Omar and thus he was killed. I am just wondering. How difficult is it for a large police force to bring down an untrained 22 year old, without killing him? I am sure it should be possible. This is their story.

The picture below shows him shot dead close to his home. He must have changed clothes somehow, because this does not look like the same outfit als before. [Why would he change from black pants into light jeans and light jacket? I’d believe a change of hat or jacket]

body2 25B5156A00000578-2953594-image-a-12_1424015466695

25B512ED00000578-2953594-image-a-6_1424017228931Tell me again! If there is CCTV of the suspected attacker, why didnot they show this CCTV in full? Are there only 3 photo’s or is there also vague video footage? Why wasnot this in full released the moment police had the information, to let the public help in the man hunt? Any footage extra (or location last seen) helps identify an attacker, especially by people who know him or have recently seen him.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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