My first impressions of Lars Vilks are negative, to be honest!

I believe in free speech. Violence is never an answer to a difference in opinions. Also, I am concerned about Islam extremism in Western-Europe. Yet, this post is about Lars Vilks.

Now let’s have a look at the video above. It concerns Lars Vilks showing a video of “Allah go Gaybar” to an audience at the Uppsala University in Sweden. He thus confronts a group of (partly) moslims with controverial (soft!)porn. What do I think about him now?

  • Pornography should always be a personal choice. Please do not ever force pornographic material upon anyone who might not be interested. Students cannot always walk away from a lecture. Freedom of speech is that: it is about verbal and written material. Why should it never be limited? Without the freedom of speaking our minds, our Western civilization loses its values. Forcing pornography on an unwilling audience goes beyond that: It is wrong. He could have just simply discussed the subject verbally (mentioning the taboos as well) and then ask if they wanted to see examples of what he discussed. Anyone who is insulted, can simply walk away with their heads raised!
  • Lars Vilks seems to expect this reaction of the audience. There is police available. His bodyguards bring him immediately into some sort of storage unit at 0:22 in the video.
  • The police is agressive against the audience, even though no-one is attacking them. They are just mad about the video that is still playing.
  • No-one even considers pressing STOP and canceling the video performance. This would have very likely calmed down the audience. Now it continued!
  • A normal guy would not have left the room, but would stop the video. He then could use the agressiveness of the angry students to have a discussion about what happened (without any soft porn visible!). That’s not what he did. He is hiding in the storage unit.

vilks5I do not like this Lars Vilks. Why? This is inappropriate behaviour in an environment where that should not be the case. He wants to insult the Islam and support agressively the sexualization of our western society. He has a right to do so, but I think low of him. Forcing pornography on an unwilling audience is a sexual crime. What is he thinking? He did it likely on purpose, as he knew exactly where to go hiding, while videotaping it all.

This man is clearly concerned with his own safety, yet with his own safety only. We also saw that side of him in Copenhagen on February 14 (link). It is not a pretty side. In Copenhagen someone died, who was not supposed to die (Finn Norgaard). Lars Vilks is obviously part of the whole ‘World Government’ programme. So Lars Vilks will get his attention and superhero status. It makes me sick to my stomage.

ps. In his work Vilks focusses on soevereinity of civillians against the state; sexualization; anti-Islamization and free speech. This is also a large part of the ‘World Government’ agenda for Western Europa. It is not just an attack on Islam, but is even more an attack on our Western civilization.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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