Wij vragen ons af, kan Boris Nemtsov een fake liquidatie zijn?

Nemtsov might not have been assassinated in this (fake?) attack in Moscow.

On February 27 in 2015, politician Boris Nemtsov is reported to have been assassinated, while walking down the streets in the center of Moscow. The liquidation raises many questions. 

There are various facts about what happened on February 27, leading to the conclusion the whole assassination is a strange event. We will not discuss again my previous blogs about the subject, presenting the same details of the fake assassination. 

Online you will finds a video, that has been presented to us in the media and shows the whole (fake?) assassination event. The video above is a close-up of this video around 23.31:15.

The story is strange, especially the moment the actual shooting is supposed to have happened. It takes at least 3 seconds, to shoot 5-8 bullets. The red circle in the pictures shows the stairs the officials claim (formal story) the gunman was coming from (perhaps in reality, no-one is coming from the stairs, the gunman likely jumped off the snow wagon). The white circle highlights the gunman coming from behind the car. 

vlcsnap-2015-04-17-00h39m43s315 vlcsnap-2015-04-16-21h41m14s636

vlcsnap-2015-04-16-21h41m25s736 vlcsnap-2015-04-17-00h42m57s589

vlcsnap-2015-04-17-00h57m10s569 vlcsnap-2015-04-17-00h57m15s442

  • At 23.31:13 in the video, we see no gunman, a happily walking couple, and a snow wagon that is catching up with the couple (the wagon drives faster than they walk).
  • At 23.31:14 in the video, the snow wagon stops, as the happily walking couple is catching up with the wagon the next second (they are visible at 15s). At 14s neither the gunman nor the couple is visible. The gunman likely jumps off the snow wagon at 14s.
  • At 23.31:15, the snow wagon is standing still, as we see a glimpse of the couple walking forward in front of the wagon just before the white circle covers them up (and they are normally walking, it is seen at 1:06 and 1:54 in the 2nd video). This must have been the exact time Nemtsov should have been shot, as the person in the white coat is seen on the same spot a few seconds later, supposedly next to his body at 21s in the 1st video above. Next to the lamp post at 21s we see some additional dark ‘shades’ (left).
  • At 23.31:16, the gunman is already visible behind the wagon, walking at least 1,5m on the car lane, with the snow wagon between him and Nemtsov. It is impossible for the gunman to shoot Nemtsov at 23.31:16s. The snow wagon is increasing speed again.
  • At 23.31:17, the gunman is at least 3 or 4 meters onto the car lane walking towards the escape car. The snow/cleaning wagon is moving forward.
  • At 23.31:21, the white coat is visible again, after the snow wagon has driven beyond the location of the so-called assassination. She is in the same spot as she was at 15s.

Now, what do the media reports say? Someone heard at least 7/8 gunshots. They found 6 cartridges on the pavement, shot from a Makarov handgun. And Nemtsov was hit 4 times. Where in the timeline could Nemtsov have been shot? Only at exactly 23.31:15s, though this is a stretch, because 1 second later the gunman was visible at least 1.5m on the car lane (and it takes 1 second to walk 1.5m, when you walk fast). Ask any expert: to shoot 6 to 8 bullets with a semi-automatic weapon, will at least take 2 to 3 seconds (for a trained professional). There is simply no time on the timeline (around 23.31:15) when Nemtsov could have been shot on the location they claim he has been shot. Impossible. It takes an extremely well-trained professional to even simply a) jump off a snow wagon, b) throw 6 bullet cartridges on the ground and c) walk away [all between 23.31:14s and 23.31:16s].

Conclusion: He has not been shot on February 27 at 23.31h on the bridge. 

How did they likely do it? Making a few assumptions, this is our best guess.

  • Boris lying ground2They picked a location where the entire scene is caught on camera, yet the precise location of the body is not captured on camera.
  • The gunman jumps of the wagon at 23.31:14s and drops 6 cartridges, perhaps playing a voice recording of gun shots for the effect.
  • The large wagon is in front of the “assassination” when Nemtsov falls down. The escape wagon dims the headlights, to assure Nemtsov remains in the shadow for a few seconds.
  • Likely Nemtsov had a capsule in his mouth with a drug, that makes him go into a coma.
  • Nemtsov puts on a skin-like corset somewhere that evening, which also has fake bullet holes. It allows him to breathe softly without it being noticed. As he is only seen in the evening street light, they can get away with it, if the police and CSI’s on the scene are in on it. This does require someone who stays with Nemtsov at all times, to make sure no-one just walks by and touches him (who is not part of the set-up).
  • The first man on the scene (in the black coat) thus guarded Nemtsov and also likely dropped some blood, while the girlfriend is lured away by the snow wagon driver.
  • The traffic is blocked to assure no witnesses drive by the scene, until it is arranged.
  • The press is allowed close to the body (distance of 3 meters), so Nemtsov is clearly on display and there are no doubts about him being actually dead.

After studying all the evidence, we can do nothing else but bring up this question, even though many readers are likely not prepared to believe this.


2 thoughts on “Wij vragen ons af, kan Boris Nemtsov een fake liquidatie zijn?

  1. In dit interview genoeg quotes die het fantastisch doen als laatste steken onder water. Hij praat alsof ie voor de Amerikanen werkt, dus. Nu ja, we weten niet alles. Het hoeft ook niet. Ik heb je video 10 keer bekeken en telkens opnieuw. Er zijn geen 3 seconden te vinden waarin de moord gepleegd kan zijn. Als hij geschoten heeft vanachter op de truck (je hebt daar een vuilniswagen opstapje achterop) dan zou die vriendin ook eerder een kogel gehad hebben (een professional weet vooraf wie die wel/niet mag raken). Bovendien lopen ze er gewoon nog om 23.31 en 15 seconden. Het is echt te zien (je moet vaker stopzetten op exact dat moment, maar dan is er wel een foto te vinden). Wanneer vieren we Boris verjaardag en waar? Ik wil wodka met Boris de Boskabouter.



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