Danish Police: gunman is Danish-born 22-year-old with criminal record

I am just going to copy the article, including the picture. I mean, this is pure symbolism. The picture used is taken at the Copenhagen synagoge, the day after the shooting. Anyone who knows anything about occult symbolism knows: this is way too obvious. No-one who ever read anything about the New World Order (and journalist read everything!) would ever place a picture like this without realizing that it contains all the symbols.


For newbees in this area who have their doubts and don’t want to read weird stuff:

  • Google chess pattern (black and white) and illuminati (link).
  • The colours green, red, yellow, blue and black are the colours of the 5 olympic ring and main symbols of the New World Order (One World, Under One Leadership).
  • Brown is what you get when you mix these colours.
  • Green is often used as a colour for the divine and immortal.
  • By the way, his hand is one the kids behind.

Below the article the picture was taken from. I am sure this is fishy.


Danish Police: gunman is Danish-born 22-year-old with criminal record

A suspected gunman shot dead by Danish police near a train station in Norrebro, an area in Copenhagen not far from the sites where he is believed to have carried out two deadly attacks, has been identified, the commissioner for Copenhagen police Thorkild Fogde said on Sunday.

Fogde said the man was armed and one of his weapons may have been used in the first attack. One person died when the gunman attacked a cafe hosting an event attended by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has received death threats for depicting the Prophet Mohammad.

“It was the case that when the suspect was shot and killed during police action he was armed with pistols. The news is that we have found a weapon that we think could be the weapon used in the first shooting. We have also found some clothing that is now part of the investigation. We have also identified the perpetrator, we now know who the suspected perpetrator is and we will say more about that at a later stage,” Fogde said.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to Danish Police: gunman is Danish-born 22-year-old with criminal record

  1. jimmypimmy says:

    Dat handje is fout en die kop van die vent.

  2. jimmypimmy says:

    Bruine poepkleur jas, maar dat zegt zeker niets.

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