Most of the locations used in the Copenhagen attacks were community real estate.

839262-KrudttondeninCopenhagenAFP-1424096467-526-640x480So who owns the locations?

  1. At 1500 CET on February 14 a man (who just got out of prison) shoots at people. This cultural centre is developed by the Administration of the city of Copenhagen.
  2. He escaped in a stolen Volkswagen car, which he leaves behind after 2,2km (only!) at a garage for Copenhagen city buses. O, he also leaves behind some ID papers. Just assume it is a false flag: who is able to obtain spare ID-papers?
  3. After this shooting -with 1 person dead and unclarity who/why it was done- the municipality put militairized police on objects they thought would be critical.
  4. So with that being the case, somehow they insufficiently guard the Great Synagoge in the middle of the centre of Copenhagen. And while I do not know who owns the synagoge, I do know it is located next to the Copenhagen University, Hoved librairy, some expensive hotels, and other locations likely with security.
  5. After shooting a guard at the synagoge in the middle of the centre (remember, an arabic looking guy, with people looking out for him) he is able to escape again. This happened while the streets of Copenhagen were filled with extra police force, because of Krudttonden. Everyone was on high alert, so to speak.
  6. Later he was killed near the Norrebro train station (a community building). The police stated he was shot close to his home in Norrebro. Now why would he go home?

I believe we see a pattern here. The locations are mostly community real estate and (one  should expect) have been under the care of professional security.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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1 Response to Most of the locations used in the Copenhagen attacks were community real estate.

  1. jimmypimmy says:

    ooooh, dat nog geen complot site dit heeft laten zien. Je hebt gelijk. Wie beveiligt nou iemand zonder bewaking bij de deur te zetten. En wie kiest ervoor om dit debatje achter een glaswand te laten plaatsvinden. Anywegens. Ik weet weer genoeg. Wie is die gast die ze neer hebben geschoten dan? Schorriemorrie klein petty crime Marokkaans typetje?

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