Let’s go back to Valentines Day with Lars Vilks in Copenhagen one more time

Some small signs that already warn us: it might be a false flag.

  • KopenhagenIt all started when Al-Qaeda (fake CIA ops!) put a bounty of 150.000 on Lars’ head.
  • The whole event is clearly a copy cat event of what happened in Paris (& we’ve seen it).
  • Lars Vilks even knows the (former) editor of Charlie Hebdo.
  • A leader of the FEMEN group (George Soros, who is also a friend of Boris Nemtsov) and a French ambassador were all there.
  • Immediately after the event, Lars Vilks is presented as the real target (based on what?). My guess is this is based on media requirements of the NWO propaganda planners.
  • The location of the free speech event is a cultural centre set-up a few years ago by the municipality of Kopenhagen, e.g. a state controlled location.
  • Why on earth organize a free speech event a few weeks after Charlie Hebdo with Lars Vilks, diplomats, activists etc. in a location with a glass front. Please, any security expert would advice beforehand to change location!!!


  • Why were there no security agents at the entrance, on the exact location where the shooter went? Why?
  • How come Lars Vilks had time to leave the scene and hide in a closet?
  • Lars Vilks has an ‘art CV’ that reads like a CV of an UN/CIA/Mossad asset.
  • All the media attention goes to Lars Vilks, not to the man who was killed. Finn Norgaard (RIP) was not part of the well-made media plans.
  • It remains unclear who killed Finn Norgaard. Where are the analysis of what exactly happened? Again, the media focusses on emotions and ‘effect on free press’. Psychologically speaking, the media reports limited facts and mostly ‘what to think’.
  • Appearantly, the most important thing is to bring a certain message across.
  • The shooter has been killed. Dead man don’t tell.
  • There is no proof the so-called killer is actually dead and it is in fact ‘the shooter’.
  • How can a young guy -just from prison! not well-trained!- conduct 2 attacks, walk away, and only be stopped when he starts shooting at the police at a third shooting incident? It is not as if none of the targeted locations had no idea of possible threath!
  • Why was it immediately in the media the shooting was similar to Charlie Hebdo and the shooter looked Arabic? There were no clues in the first hours after the 1st shooting!

I am certain the Kopenhagen attacks are fake too, but I know I have to organize the evidence better before I make my case towards you, dear readers.

This is WO3. It is about world governance and the main battles are media fights.

ps. By mentioning George Soros, Charlie Hebdo and Boris Nemtsov together in 1 article about possible false flag events, I am by no means saying ‘the Jews’ are behind it. Nor am I saying something about ‘Khazar Jews’ or ‘real Judaism Jews’, while the duality between ‘Khazar Jews’ and ‘original Jews’ seems too forced to me too. Why not? Not because I am afraid of accusing a group that is known to have better media access than me. Not because I might be accused of antisemitism. Of course, because I do not believe in blaming a whole group for what a group of individuals are possibly doing. But that is not the reason too. I simply do not think it is ‘the Jews’ who are behind it. Careful readers of my blog might have noticed, I am considering another organization as the main suspect. Within that group, many people are Jewish. That is another story.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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