Boris Nemtsov was appearantly shot in well-organized assasination, with a clumpsy gunman

The police analysis on the body was done openly, showing ‘proof of’ to everyone watching. Yet, it also raises some questions. Where was he shot? Why is this visible for us? And?

schotwobd borst exit wond 54f159132c496Boris Nemtsov

According to the Telegraph on February 28: “Investigators said that at least seven shots were fired and four of the bullets struck Mr Nemtsov in the back, and one of them entered his heart”. Investigators later said they had identified the weapon as a 9mm Makarov pistol, and that they had found six empty cartridges (from different manufacturers) at the scene (Telegraph). So likely, 6-8 shots were fired, of which 4 of them hit the target.

To be honest, this does not sound like a professional gunman (while the rest of the assasination was extremely well prepaired). Why a clumpsy gunman?

  1. A professional does not need 6/7/8 shots to kill someone from only about 8 metres.
  2. A pro would limit the number of shots, just in case he/she needs munition later on.
  3. A pro would not miss 2 out of 6 shots (or 4 out of 8) from a distance of about 8 metres.
  4. The Makarov is not known for its reliability (why take the small chance it blocks?).
  5. Only 1 bullet hit the heart, none in the head/spine (why not aim for heart, head, spin?).

Why go through all that [link] and that [link] trouble, but not hire a top gunman?

Kogelgaten GettyImages_464681202lichaam organen

Nemtsov’s uncovered body lay for about an hour on the spot where he was killed, as it was examined by police (Telegraph). Amid falling wet snow, he was eventually packed up in a black plastic bodybag and driven away.

Below a live stream of how the crime scene was on lock-down (or not).

CSI work? There was no tent to cover the body against viewers and the weather rain/wind. The area locked down for the public was rather small. One would expect the police to shut down traffic on the bridge entirely that side of the road, untill everything was properly analyzed and searched for bullets, traces, other evidence. I did not even see sniffing dogs to find out where the gunman came from! Remember, at that time they did not even know what had happened (the girlfriend claimed she hardly saw anything).

Why not block all traffic this side of the bridge immediately? That’s normal when shootings have occured! Somehow the journalists were allowed in close, to take their photoshots. They were not even hiding the fact that a fireman -within hours of the assasination- cleaned the crime scene with a firehose. The world has seen it all.

images heart in bodyI always thought professional assasination agents would aim for the head, heart and spine, to assure a quick kill. The gunman in this case didnot even have time to see if Nemtsov would fall down on the ground. So to be sure, he would have to know where he hit him. While I am no expert, in the pictures that show Nemtsov’s back, we see 3 entry bullet holes. The pictures of his front, show three matching exit bullet holes. Can the bullet holes we see, cause death almost instantly? I see no bullet holes at the heart area. Perhaps it was hidden just under his shirt. Since, the clothes are half removed, we can not see bullet holes in clothes either. We have to assume the deadliest injury is there.

I feel sad for Russia, because no matter what happened here, the country lost a lot in a day.

a_09 organs images organs

Het hart zit aan de linkerkant van de ruggengraat, net iets boven het uiteinde van het  linkerschouderblad (vanaf de rug gezien, voor u links). Op de foto van de rug is te zien dat er geen schoot door de onderste helft van zijn hart is gegaan iig. De vierde entry wound zou dus net onder het jack verstopt zitten.

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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