As far as I can tell, no ambulance arrives, untill 20 minutes after the event took place

There are several hospitals in Moscow, in a radius of 3km from the crime scene. Let’s assume that around 23.30h at night, there are no traffic jams, broad city main roads. The ambulance seems to arrive (correct me if I am wrong) at exactly 23.52, which is 20 minutes after the event. In most regions throughout Russia the ambulance response time is 20 minutes on average (link). This is the centre of Moscow, a high profile politician, no traffic jams, with several quality hospitals nearby. In addition to the free “03” ambulance services, there are paid quality ambulance services in Moscow (link) not to far away (link).

A link to google maps with the hospitals around the crime scene: LINK. The crime scene is located on the white coloured bridge, just 1km east of the marked hospital ‘Medswiss’.

This is opposite the Kremlin. Do you thinks these hospitals have received training from security services in ‘a rapid response to’ whenever a politician at the Kremlin needs care?

Did Nemtsov expect a potential assasination? Yes. Does he have the connections, knowledge and resources to protect himself? Yes. Contrary to Pim Fortuyn, he is better able to protect himself. Why isnot he wearing a light security vest and an alarm beeper?

Nemtsov is very very very well-connected and then was that evening together with his girlfriend. Do you think he instructed her in how to act and whom to call if he would be attacked?  (Just an idea: What would be the response time of the KGB, CIA, Mossad, or UN when ‘one of their own’ is attacked?)  20 mins for an ambulance?

The more I study this case, the more questions I have.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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