And yes, without any doubt, the traffic flow was blocked during the Nemtsov assasination

We already established how the false flag assasination was commited, while analyzing the video that was wrongfully presented to the public [LINK]. Let us look at the video again, now focussing on traffic management. Why? Because during the assasination and in the 20 seconds afterwards no cars entered the main road for about 20 seconds. This is not normal and we can proof it!

The picture on the right shows an overview of the area. Cars on their side of the road could have come from 3 different directions: a) straigroutes cars to Nemtsov 10402062_913863305299682_8027200103258640178_nht ahead, b) the arrow painted red (perhaps from the parking place close to the stairs), or c) the yellow arrow (perhaps from the parking place painted yellow). At about 23.30:33 in the video we can easily see the flow of cars from three directions heading towards the bridge merging into the three lanes of the road across the bridge.

Just before Nemtsov is allegedly assasinated, no new cars drive up the main road (23.31:00), except for the escape vehicle (23.31:06). After that, the main road remains empty and no ‘new cars’ are seen untill 23.31:20, which is after the gunman has stepped into the getaway car and they drive off (23.31:22).

There are no traffic lights around this area. We can’t really see how the traffic flow is stopped, but for the red arrow (picture above) we might have an idea.

  1. From 23.32:19 onwards, a string of cars is driving towards the main road. Very likely there has been a blokkade somewhere just out of sight. At least 5 vehicles drive shortly after eachother, like a waiting queue was created. It might be that the first the two vehicles leading the ‘car parade’ had something to with it: 2 very large trucks.
  2. To be 100% sure no-one would leave the ‘red’ parking area, an extra precaution might have been taken, though we won’t accuse anyone without further investigation. It might be a good idea to question the person who was standing exactly at the corner of the U-turn with the main road (dark coat). This person walks away from the corner, when the getaway car drives-off (at 23.32:34). That same person walks quickly along the road (walks fast, about 1.5m/s) untill reaching the victim, then walks towards the snow wagon, and returns back to Nemtsov. He/she might be just a concerned citizen. Yet, from the ‘just walk on’ behaviour of the other pedestrians it seems to me not all Russian citizens stop to helps strangers who are caught in an assasination situation.

At the video 23.30:36 we see a person in a dark coat following Nemtsov abd hirs girlfriend (behind him, about 1,5 times the distance between a lamp post) just before the snow wagon. When the snow wagon has passed that person, we no longer see this figure. It seems unlikely this person ‘on the spot’ decided to jump on the back of the wagon to assasinate Nemtsov a few seconds later. That does not make sense. Perhaps this is the same person in the dark coat who we see again (at 23.32:34) on the corner? In that case he followed Nemtsov for 10 metres, turned around to go back towards the metro entrance when the snow wagon passes (M is located at the corner of the U-turn with main road).  From 23.32:34 onwards he/she walks back towards Nemtsov. Of course, these are speculations, as we do not know for sure it is the same person.

However it is done, can not be determined only based on the video evidence presented. However, it is possible for the Moscow police to find out how traffic was managed.

Who is able to manage traffic flows in the centre of Moscow without getting caught by the police for involvement in this crime?

Anyone can see this is not a mad loone wolf who disagrees with Nemtsov’s on something.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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