Some witness reports on the allegedly commited assasination

Three (?) witnesses to the allegedly assasination of Boris Nemtsov.

According to LifeNews there is footage of _81303973_026095253-1Nemtsov and Duritskaya arriving separately at GUM department store facing Red Square at around 22:00 MSK. The pair had dinner at one of GUM’s restaurants (Bosco Bar) and then decided to walk to the politician’s nearby apartment – the path of which required a walk across Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge.

His Ukrainian girlfriend, model Anna Duritskaya, told the press she didnot seen the attacker (according to the Telegraaf and The Guardian). The attacker was suddenly behind her. The young woman never saw his face. She only saw a car stop nearby. The strange thing is, she actually complaints how she is not allowed to leave the country (yet). Well, maybe the strangest thing is this: how she does not even describe the assasination at all. Her testimony in fact fits in perfectly with my analysis of the (potential fake) assasination and how it was done.

The alleged killer then ran towards the car which had stopped on the bridge several meters away. He got into the passenger’s seat, and the vehicle drove off. A witness to Nemtsov’s murder has described the killer to police (according to

  • A man 170-175 cm (5 foot, 7 inches) high, of regular physique, dark cropped hair. He was wearing blue jeans and a brown sweater,” a police source told LifeNews.
  • The same source said the car the killer used was a silver-colored VAZ-21102, with North Ossetia number plates. This is a silver LADA 111._81366969_moscow_nemtsov_624_v2

The ironic thing is, Nemtsov was also wearing blue jeans and a brown jacket that evening. I just wonder who the other witness might be. It could be the driver of the snow/cleaning wagon, as he/she should have had a clear view through the mirror of the gunman and the escape car. Only,he might be in on it. In that case the 2nd testimony is symbolic.

Also, a car webcam

The only logical explanation (except when the dashcam is fake) is that this car drives by at about 23.35:22 in the weather cam video. We see how the car with the dashboard cam drives along the Kremlin (the route the snow/cleaning wagon took) towards the Red Square, taking the U-turn to the main road in the same direction as Nemtsov was walking. At that time a white car was parked behind the snow/cleaning wagon.

At 0:34s, the cam spotted two pedestrians in dark coats walking together. They are not the same two pedestrians we saw at 23.33:40 walking up on the left side of the screen on the weather cam, as we do not see them after the snow wagon (which suggests they have gone down the stairs instead of walking along). Instead, at 23.35:29 a couple in dark coats walks down the main road coming from the direction of the Red Square. The dash cam car passes them (at 0:34) when they are exactly at the third lamp post after the metro (this matches with the weathercam video at 23.35:29.

At 0:39 in the dash cam video, we see a man in a dark coat standing over Nemtsov. Next, we see a white car behind the snow/cleaning wagon. At 0:39 we see someone in a white coat standing behind the white car, it seems talking to a second person in a dark coat who is standing on the car lane. The person in the white coat stands with her back against where Nemtsov is.

Weather cam video of talks around the snow/cleaning vehicle

The dash cam video is in line with what we saw on the weather video between 23.33 to 23.35. The white coat goes to the snow wagon (23.32:02) and stays there. This suggests that Nemtsov is already dead (you do not leave an injured man, except to call for help which takes 20 seconds, after which you return). Next, the chauffeur of the snow/cleaning wagon is seen to walk from the back of the snow wagon to the pavement where the white coat is (23.32.08). The first man to arrive on the scene in the dark coat went to the snow wagon and back to Nemtsov and waits there. At 23.35:22 the white car stops. At 23.35:42 the white car leaves and the white coat walks back from behind the snow/cleaning wagon. At 23.35:45 the driver of the snow/cleaning wagon walks back to the driver seat. Who are these people and why do they all decide to turn around and walk away at the same time?

It puzzles me. Why would you stop after you have been involved in an assasination attempt or so (the snow wagon just is!)? Next, you talk a few minutes with the lady in the white coat. After a few minutes, you leave. You have been involved in an assasination plot and your vehicle is part of the crime scene (anyone can see). You either leave immediately (to avoid trouble), or you wait untill the police arrives, who will likely want to inspect the vehicle for traces (before you drive down a wet road and mess it all up). This is not even his own car people! He could have called a security agent from the Kremlin and a taxi, to leave the care behind! It just does not make sense.

What puzzles me even more. When your partner is shot by 4 bullets, of which only 1 seems to have hit an area that leads to a quick death, why do you leave him just 30 seconds after the shots were fired? I mean… it takes at least 2 seconds to fall down on the ground. Then 2 seconds to kneel next to him. At least 1o seconds (likely longer) before he dies (he bleeds to death due to a shotwound in the heart, presumably). When that seems to happen, you take a few seconds to feel the pulse. Most women would next try and give a heart massage and again check for a pulse, several times. This woman is able to walk away less than 30 seconds after the shots were fired. [It is not like he was shot in the head twice!]

What do I make of this? As stated before, the snow/cleaning wagon must have been in on it, for sure. It might well be, that the first man to arrive on the scene in the dark coat, is also in on it, but we can’t be sure. What does this say about the girlfriend? She talked to the person driving the snow wagon, which can mean 2 things. She was either in on it [the snow wagon driver was not afraid of being recognized], or, the snow wagon driver stayed with one objective: luring the gullable girlfriend away from the scene, so that the man in the dark coat could do something [like making sure Nemtsov is dead or throwing some blood on the pavement].

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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