So where did the snow wagon come from? And the escape wagon?

In previous blogs we have established how the official story of the Boris Nemtsov assasination is not supported by what we see in the video. The voice-over actually covers-up what happened with Nemtsov. Read all about it here [link] and here [link].

Just to provide more backgrounds to the context where the socalled assasination of Boris Nemtsov took place, I am taking a look at the surroundings and vehicles. Hopefully some locals from Moscow can bring more details to the data presented in this blog.

image25600_4897033_16247525Boris Nemtsov and Kremlinb wall

Nemtsov was supposedly shot on February 27 at 23.31h local time walking from the Red Square in Moscow over the Great (Bolshoy) Moskvoretsky Bridge towards his apartment on the other side of the Moscow river. In the pictures above, the St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin Wall are seen in the background.

This is the location on google maps:,37.624138,3a,75y,296.37h,83.08t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sNSw0vR9SYoVrp0ziIZrVlw!2e0

cameras on location 10993418_913863298633016_351672495509386844_nNow let’s see if we can figure out where the snow wagon and escape car came from. They must have been caught on camera, as they are aimed at the roads leading to (see picture on the right).

When studying the traffic flow on the weather cam video of previous blogposts, we can almost see where the cars come from.

routes cars to Nemtsov 10402062_913863305299682_8027200103258640178_nThe picture on the right shows an overview of the area. Cars on their side of the road could have come from 3 different directions: a) straight ahead, b) the arrow painted red (perhaps from the parking place close to the stairs), or c) the yellow arrow (perhaps from the parking place painted yellow). At about 23.30:33 in the video we can easily see the flow of cars from three directions heading towards the bridge merging into the three lanes of the road across the bridge.

The snow wagon is routes to Nemtsov 11043038_913863291966350_7752680836956806460_ncoming from the direction of the red arrow. On google maps this corner can be explored. As there is some sort of a market place in between the ‘red’ road and the Catheral, the snow wagon should have come from either the parking lot or the road following the Moscow river. Mind you, this is an area with many camera’s as it is next to the Kremlin.

The snow wagon indeed was in on it! No doubt about it.

We can clearly see the snow wagon driving towards the U-turn at 23.29:04 and driving at the same speed as a larger truck in front of it. When it reaches the corner of the U-turn at about 23.29:27, it fully stops, while the larger truck continues onto the main road. The snow wagon waits for at least 19 seconds (from 23.28:27 to 23.28:46) in the corner of the U-turn. One minute later the snow wagon is on the main road, the same road the couple walks, at 23.30:28. We can clearly see them both at 23.30:31 (so, the snow vehicle was waiting in the U-turn, untill the couple had reached the lamp post where the U-turn goes onto the main road).

Can I proof all this? Yes, a child can see it.

  1. In the corner of the U-turn, the snow vehicle stands still for at least 18 seconds.
  2. The vehicle starts driving again, when the couple is likely visible on the main road.
  3. In a previous blog we already showed how the snow wagon stops exactly when the assasination is supposed to take place on the bridge and exactly in front of it. [LINK]

Now one question remains. Why would the driver of the snow wagon wait on the main road after the assasination is conducted? It even waits when the girlfriend approaches to have a conversation. For now I can only think of two reasons. Or the girlfriend is in on it. Or the driver of the snow wagon wants to lure away the woman from Nemtsov, so the man in the dark coat can work freely on Nemtsov [make sure he is dead or -other scenario- apply the blood on the pavement].

Dear readers, how long will it take for Putin (or the media) to question the snow vehicle driver and reveal their identity to us?

The escape vehicle. The odd thing is it drives with the lights dimmed, which makes it automatically a suspicious vehicle and easy to recognize, as other cars do have their lights on. Moreover, a driver can be more easily recognized when headlights do not blind any potential witnesses. The only reason I can think of, is that the driver of the escape vehicle does not want to shine lights on what is happening behind the snow/cleaning wagon. [If he does not want to shine light on the face of the gunman, they’d have used masks] We can recognize the escape vehicle driving onto the main road (from the direction of the yellow arrow) at about 23.31:06 in the video. Perhaps it has been waiting on the parking lot? There are no cars behind it (at 23.31:19) when the gunman approaches the vehicle.

Actually, at 23.31:02 the last vehicle approaches the main road -with the escape vehicle the only exception- untill exactly the moment the gunman steps into the escape vehicle (at 23.31.19), when normal traffic starts to emerge on the main road again (at 23.31:22. This is suspicious, as both the snow vehicle and the escape car stopped. Somehow the traffic flow has been blocked for 20 seconds from all three potential directions. A Moscow citizens perhap might be able to enlighten us on how this could have been done? It is certainly not normal.

ps. I somehow think that snow wagons are controlled by the Administration of the City of Moscow, but I might be wrong. It is now all too obvious that the Kremlin was behind it (the snow wagon even comes from the Kremlin!). Too bloody obvious. Is the whole thing ordered somewhere else, high-up in the chain?

pps. One thing still troubles me. I cannot find the couple walking on the video, before they are actually circled the first time (at 23.30:30). They should be visible from 23.29:50 onwards or so. Or could it be the quality of the video was enhanced from 23.30:30 onwards? Anyone?  [they must have come from the M-stairs]

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Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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  1. BrakaMartha says:

    So where did the snow wagon come from?

    Verledentijd van komen is CAME in het Engels Maud.

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