Boris Nemtsov: Strong indications of a false flag assasination ~ BREAKING!

Whatever the true story is, it is sad for both the citizens of Russia and Boris Nemtsov. Even though I have not been able to study this case locally (like I was able to do with my own case and with the case of Fred de Brouwer), I am under the impression this concerns a state supported false flag assasination, perhaps even with no-one really dying. Below you will find my initial thoughts on the subject. These are shocking. I recommend further study, especially conducted by citizens of Russia, as they are able to validate details locally.

  1. The official story does not make sense. Why would a hitman wait on the stairs and shoot him at the exact time he did? A better alternative would be to wait untill the couple had walked past the stairways (and the snow wagon was 20m further) to come out of the stairways without being seen by them, and to shoot him in the back. A far better alternative would have been, to simply drive by in the escape car and shoot him when stopping the car for a few seconds. Now the hitman was supposedly waiting on the bridge, at the risk of being seen by bystanders for several minutes. And he decided to walk out of the stairways into the light, being visible for Nemtsov, the girlfriend and the driver of the snow wagon. He walked towards them under the lamp post,  crossed their paths, walked further for about 3 metres, turned around and shot him! In theory, Nemtsov would have been able to take cover in front of the snow wagon easily. Why not wait a few seconds? It does not make sense.
  2. The official story also doesnot make sense, as they claim the gunman shot 7/8 times and hit him 4 times in the back. The girlfriend was not hurt at all. Why is that odd? First, a professional hitman does not fire away (almost) a full casing all at once, as he might need munition later on, if things do go wrong. Second, From a distance of max 7/8 metres, a professional hitman is able to hit the target exactly where he wants to, with no bullets wasted. It is odd, he was not shot in the head once and shot in the torso twice (three bullets is enough to be sure).
  3. On the TV weather cam video I do not see the suspected gunman waiting on the stairs nor walking away from the stairs. This is odd, as everyone else walking on the sidewalk is visible (though vaguely). [here google maps of the location] On the video (at 23.37:35) we see the girlfriend together with someone else leaving the scene by walking down these same stairs, as if crime scene preservation is not important. The stairs are thus visible on the video of the weather cam.
  4. The Russian TV analysis cover-up of the weathercam. The videotape actually covers something up and this is not a small thing. In the above video can be seen how at 23.31:15 the couple is just a little bit visible in front of the snow wagon, while the so-called attacker walks away behind the snow wagon. The white circle showing the attacker’s escape, covers-up the presence of the couple at the moment just after he is supposed to be assasinated. This is odd! Let us analyze that exact moment a bit more.
  5. Timing of the movements of the suspected gunman. To actually shoot Boris Nemtsov in the back, without hitting the girlfriend, the shots must have been fired while standing near the carlane on the sidewalk. He was shot near the lamp post. As an average person walks 1m/s it would take the attacker at least 14 seconds to walk quickly (yet not suspiciously fast) from the stairways towards the location where he shot him (avoiding eye contact, so walking along the rail, before walking towards the carlane). It takes about 1 second to get into shooting position and 2/3 seconds to fire 6/8 shots. It would again take at least 1 second to turn around and even see the escape car, before he walks from behind the snow wagon to the escape car. My estimate is that the claimed movements of the gunman take at least 18 seconds, including everything from the hiding place on the stairs to the moment he/she is seen on camera (23.31:15). This could not have all taken place behind the snow wagon, as the snow wagon moves at about 2m/s in opposite direction. To the best of my knowledge, the suspected gunman is not seen on camera untill after the suspected assasination has been done.
  6. The exact moment he could have been shot is caught on camera. At 23.31:15. At exactly that time we clearly see the image of the girlfriend in her white coat appearing in front of the snow wagon as well (in the front, at exactly the same time!). Most disturbing is how a dark shade moves behind her, as Nemtsov is still walking next to her (!) at the exact same time the gunman already is seen on camera behind the snow wagon. And this is covered up with the white circle supposedly outlining where the gunman is walking. This means that, if there was an actual shooting, it was indeed caught on camera, though not presented to us that way. Notice how after the snow wagon has passed, the girlfriend in the white coat kneels on exactly the same spot as where we saw a glimps of them both walking just seconds before. This is impossible! He is still walking, while the suspected gunman (at the same time!) is walking away behind the vehicle towards the escape car. The gunman could not have been (at that exact time) been firing the 6/7 shots (in 2 seconds) while walking away, without hitting the girlfriend! That is unthinkable.
  7. I am not sure, but the suspected killer might even have jumped off the snow wagon at about 23.31:14  in the video onto the road side, before walking away at 23.31:15. I am sure I do see a vague shadow there, while I am also sure I do not see a shadow moving from the stairways in that direction about 15-20 seconds before (both on video below).
  8. The theory of the gunman jumping off the snow wagon is supported by another odd detail in the video. Throughout the video, the snow wagon drives exactly twice as fast as the couple walks (say estimated 2m/s when the couple walks 1m/s). This makes sense, as it is easy for the driver this way to make sure they both arrive at the intended lamp post at the same time (the driver catches up with the couple 1 lamp post whenever the couple walks the distance between 2 lamp posts). Now there is one exception. At the very moment they arrive at the lamp post where the assasination is supposed to take place. The couple is visible just before the snow wagon at 23.31:12/13 between the front of the car and the lamp post. Then they disappear for a second behind the wagon and behind the lamp post. At 23.31:15 a glimps of them can be seen again in front of the snow wagon! This is only possible when the snow wagon has lowered its speed below the walking speed of the couple. The snow wagon stopped and then catches up with the couple again. Now why is that? One theory is it would allow a gunman to jump off the wagon. An alternative explanation is that the couple starts running away from the gunman (faster). The second theory is not supported by the video as they do not walk faster than before and do not seem to make ‘running’ movements. Also, it is not in line with the statement of the girlfriend about the attack [link]. The only reasonable explanation is that the snow wagon has stopped just a second before he was shot and the video presentation is made in a way so that this is not noticed (why else fast forward the video during the seconds of the assasination?). At 23.31:14/15 the snow wagon must have slowed down.
  9. The exact location of the body. We see a glimps of Boris Nemtsov at 23.31:15 in front of the snow wagon. If I had to fake it, I would start falling down at the front of the snow wagon, to have a few seconds to position the body. They had a few seconds to position the body because a large and slow driving truck was in front of them. A snow wagon is in fact the only vehicle that could have done the job. Of course, this is no proof in itself. However, it is suspicious, that this weather cam video is the only video, as the real CCTV cameras in the area were either “being repaired” or were “turned the wrong way” at the time of Mr Nemtsov’s murder (link). Moreover, the body is perfectly positioned so it can not really been seen from the only camera pointing at it. Just compare the shadows of the lamp post at say 23.32:30 with say 23.30:00 and the only difference is a small change in the dark shades of the lamp post.
  10. Death can be easily faked by taking drugs that assure a coma for some hours. Again, I hope a local citizens can study the scene on the bridge for blood spatterns. He was supposedly shot at with 6-8 shots and was hit in the back 4 times. A professional gunman would have needed 3 shots max and would aim for (not miss) the head, heart and spine. Everything seems perfectly executed on 27/2, except for the actual shooting.
  11. Just shortly after removing the body from the crime scene, a fireman cleaned the scene with a firehose! Please understand, shortly after a well-known politician of a large and influential nation is assasinated (and Russia is a nation with experience in secret services work and crime fighting), a fireman is cleaning the crime scene to get rid of dirt/evidence. No investigator even had the opportunity to do proper CSI-work on the crime scene in broad day light. We have the photo to proof it [link]. The whole world watches. It just reminds me of the Dutch seriously investigating the MH17.

Boris lying ground2 Boris Nemtsov

Whatever the true story is, it is sad for both the citizens of Russia and Boris Nemtsov. No matter what is going on here, it is deeply troubling for all involved. That alone is reason for me not to express any conclusions. Moreover, I can not be 100% sure without analyzing the conditions locally. But I do hope some citizens from Moscow find the courage to open-up this case.

Who has access to the proper resources to do all this? Then again, that is likely not the party who ordered it. The unique resources applied are visible to the people, so it happened exactly this way perhaps to create a certain turmoilt.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to Boris Nemtsov: Strong indications of a false flag assasination ~ BREAKING!

  1. Jimmy de pimmy says:

    moeten echt heel goed kijken maar zie inderdaad dat die oekrainse dame en naast haar een donkere schaduw zichtbaar zijn voor de truck. Achter de truck die hitman al. Je zou wel eens gelijk kunnen hebben. Waarom kunnen we de beelden niet ruw zien, zodat we zelf alles kunnen bekijken? Iemand een linkje naar de complete film?

  2. Jimmy de pimmy says:

    de time stamp is trouwens van de TV zender en niet behorende bij het filmpje. dat kan dus makkelijk gemanipuleerd zijn. je ziet het stel 1x net voor de truck. vlak voor de lantaarnpaal en vlak na de lantaarnpaal. of die truck is gestopt. of dat stel heeft gerend.

  3. Jimmy de pimmy says:

    als die truck 2m/s seconde rijdt, dan zou het stel ineens vanuit wandelend 1m/s tempo naar 3m/s moeten? en dan remmen ze af naar 1m/2 als die truck hen weer inhaalt? Hmmm. 3m/s is heel hard met een lange jas aan vanuit stilstand. ik denk dat die truck gestopt is. het kan natuurlijk dat die truck stopt omdat de chauffeur schoten hoort? en als hij ziet wat er is rijdt ie snel door als angsthaas? dan stopt hij weer omdat hij ziet dat de vluchtauto weg is?

    in jouw verhaal rijdt hij door en wacht omdat hij (mocht er iets misgaan met het toneelspel) hij dan die wagen er weer voor kan zetten om te helpen “to set the scene”. haha. ik ben bang dat je gelijk hebt. het is dus sowieso een aanslag met de gemeente Moskou betrokken en leugens in de media. Grote kans dat ie niet dood is, want waarom moet het anders met een truck ervoor! het is me wat. Wat een teringtiefus zooi maken ze ervan. Wat doen we nog met dit zooitje satanisten. Iedereen ziet dit toch? Jij ziet het in een uurtje werken / analyse. Professionals moeten dit dan toch ook allemaal zien en weten? Mijn god mijn god.

  4. Vogeltjewatzingjelaat says:

    Als je in de rug geschoten wordt, dan ben je niet ineens in renhouding. Voor je 2 seconde kan rennen ben je al meerdere keren geraakt. Jij zegt dat iemand 2/3 seconde nodig heeft om 8 keer te schieten. Nou, stel er wordt op je geschoten, dan duurt het een seconde voor je het beseft/rent. Ze hebben maximaal 1 seconde kunnen rennen. Dus de kans dat ze die wagen inhalen nadat deze al zeker 2 meter langs ze is, dat is klein. Want die wagen rijdt in de tijd dat je rent ook verder…. Je moet hard rennen om 3/4 meter per seconde te halen. Dat lukt je niet vanuit stilstand met zakelijke kleding en jassen aan enzo (het zijn winterjassen notabene). Die sneeuwwagen is dus afgeremd, dat lijkt me duidelijk. Afgeremd tot bijna stilstand terwijl het stel doorloopt.

    Ik weet niet zeker of het een fake aanslag is (zonder dode dus), maar ik denk dat je gelijk hebt dat de gunman uit de wagen komt. En het is ook duidelijk dat de TV zender niet alles heeft laten zien wat we zouden willen zien. De TV zender vertelt ons een overtuigend verhaal, maar ze maken ons ook wat wijs (dat ze de man op de trap hebben gezien, als dat zo is, laat het dan zien!). En ze verbergen de allerlaatste beelden van Boris Nemtsov terwijl hij nog staat! Dat is vreemd. Merkwaardig.

  5. Kaskaas says:

    Cas hier,
    Ik kan het niet goed zien op me scherm, maar zal het morgen in de bibliotheek bekijken. het zaakje stinkt dus weer eens. Het zal ook eens niet. Ze zetten de boel op stelten. Het doet me allemaal denken aan de verhalen van mn pa over het begin van de oorlog met Duitsland. Het klopt gewoon niet en niemand wil het horen. Ik ga het morgen gelijk aan iedereen laten zien in de bib. Ho yo!

  6. Kaskaas says:

    Het wijfie zegt het volgende in de Volksebagger: …. Ik voel me verschrikkelijk… ik zag niemand. Ik weet niet waar hij vandaan kwam, hij bevond zich achter me’, zei Anna Duritskaja tegen de Russische nieuwszender Dozjd. Het stel wandelde over een brug nadat ze samen hadden gegeten in een restaurant aan het Rode Plein. Daar was haar naar eigen zeggen niets bijzonders opgevallen. Ze zei dat het niet in haar opkwam dat iemand hen zou kunnen volgen….. einde quote!

    Dus ze is niet gaan rennen ofzo. Dat betekent dat de sneeuwwagen afgeremd is. Ook heeft ze die man niet van de trap zien komen lopen. Dat maakt het mogelijk dat de gunman van de sneeuwwagen is gesprongen en gelijk geschoten heeft en dan omgedraaid naar die andere wagen gaat. Het kan echt zo gebeurd zijn. Het is alleen achterlijk dat die brandweer mannen de crime scene schoon maken. Dat slaat nergens op.

    Dus een staatsmoord, kan niet anders bijna. Dan is de vraag of het helemaal nep is of dat het een echte moord is en die lui dat ze het niet erg vinden als iedereen het weet dat de staat dit doet.

    Ik heb gelezen dat Boris joch een jood was. Is dat zo? Hoe kan het dan dat die brandweerman de boel schoonveegt dan? Afhankelijk van waar de kogel vandaan komt, wil of Putin de dader vangen of de Joden willen niet dat ze ermee wegkomen. Die staan normaal echt wel rap klaar om hun eigen soort niet zomaar te laten afslachten. Het is uiterst vreemd dat die crime scene schoongemaakt is. Dat zeg ik je.

    Me gevoel zegt dat ie niet echt dood is, maar zeker ben ik niet.

  7. Jimmy de pimmy says:

    I looked at the video again. When the snow wagons stops and only a vague shadow is seen behind the wagon (23.31:15) is exactly when the couple still walks further so we see a glimps of them before the car. Just a second later the gunman already has turned around and walks towards the escape car. Now the gunman gets out of the car (I am convinced of that)…. from that moment on it takes 1 second to get into a shooting position, 2 seconds to fire 7/8 shots, 1 second to turn around a staart walking towards the escape car. That is at least 4 seconds! (minimum). Yet, we see the gunman walking towards the car at 23.31:16 (!). Impossible for him/her to fire those shots!

    Let’s do this same math but the other way around. When the gunman walks towards the car at about 23.31:16 he/she should have gotten out of the car at about 23.31:12 or earlier. I mean, the car has stopped before the 16s, since the couple had time to catch up with the snow wagon. Yet at 23.31:13 the snow wagon was still going faster than the couple. It likely has stopped at 23.31:14/15s, while increasing speed again at 23.31:16s. There is simply not time to jump out of the car, get into shooting position and fire 7/8 shots, before turning around and walk towards the escape car! Mind you, we still see the couple in front of the snow wagon at 23.31:15/16s. Even if the gunman would have been able to jump out (@14s) and shoot (@15s), Nemtsov would have been shot down 1 metre before where we last see the whote coat walking (@16s) and kneeling (@22s).

    Well, I think the bitch is telling us lies, because she said she didnot see a thing, but while we can see her kneeling over Boris Nemtsov, she should have been able to see (and hear) the escape car leaving the scene. As she didnot even mention it in the press, it is odd. Her view was no longer blocked by the snow wagon after 23.31.21s. This smells like something is rotten.

  8. Jimmy de pimmy says:

    Ergens las ik dat dit het pistool zou zijn. Semi-automatische handgun, dus 7/8 schoten in 2,5 seconde is een aardig professionele rpm – rounds per minute.

  9. Jimmy de pimmy says:

    volgens diezelfde bron was het deze escape wagen, ik weet niet of het waar is. ik zou het liefst eens zien wat voor sneeuwschuivers/zoutstrooiers ze hebben in Moski. Ik bedoel, zo enorme sneeuwstorm was het niet die avond…. heb ik de indruk. Nog Moskovieten hier die kunnen uitleggen wat die truck daar volgens de officiele lezing zou doen daar om half 12?

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