Boris Nemtsov assasination: Shot in the back 4/5 times, with the injuries hardly visible on these pictures

Boris Nemtsov Boris lying ground2

Boris Nemtsov is said to have been shot in the back 4 or 5 times (about 8 shots were fired). This means the attacker shot him after walking past him. When he was attacked, he must have been next to the lamp post, while the attacker was standing behind him next to the back of the Snow wagon.

The attacker walked from behind the snow wagon onto the street, at the very same time Nemtsov’s girlfriend is still visible standing up just in the front of that same snow wagon. It is all just too perfect a timing. A well-trained professional can fire 6 shots per second.

I still have some questions left.

  1. Why would a professional hitman wait on the stairs towards the bridge for them to pass by, while he could have also driving by in the car? This would have been a smaller chance of being caught? Is there footage of the hitman coming from the stairways?
  2. How did they arrange there was no traffic behind the snow wagon, except for the one car belonging with the attackers?
  3. Why cannot we see a video of the exact moment it all happened? (in slow motion?) It seems the information is presented to us in ways we miss out some of the rough data.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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1 Response to Boris Nemtsov assasination: Shot in the back 4/5 times, with the injuries hardly visible on these pictures

  1. DNAtheMAN says:

    This is a professional hit. It requires knowledge of and access to weathercams, traffic on the bridge, snowwagons, whereabouts couple, escape routes (it is central Moscow!). I see 2 possibilities: 1) The Kremlin (KGB) did it for some reason unknown to us (perhaps he was considered a traitor to his country), 2) The NWO did it together with the KGB. No-one else has access to all those means.

    I know how I would have done this:
    – Oekraine girlfriend is in on it.
    – Hitman is not waiting on the stairs, but in the back of the snow van.
    – Find a way to make sure only one car follows the snow wagon and the rest of the traffic is blocked for some minutes, so no-one sees what is happening behind the snow wagon. (traffic light? or cars in all directions that slow down the speed of traffic for a few minutes?) Those same vehicles can make sure the escape vehicle indeed is able to escape.

    Is it a fake assasination with mr Boris now happy in his new home in Argentinia?

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