The attacks in Paris. Just done. And used to set us up for a world government.

B7FIxRbCcAAnQlXThey are hardly hiding it. It seems one big show statement, like the loss of the MH17 was. This is not a country dedicated to finding “those who did it”. I am not afraid of terrorist attacks, but I am afraid this will be used to further implement a police state and to have the UN positioned as a world government. Why?

  • Victims have been Jews, French, Moslims, police/civilians/media, and one of the core values of Western society: Free Speech. This is a broad (well-balanced) set of target groups. The terrorists are supposedly moslims and so were some of the heroes in these attacks. Again, balanced ethnographically. [Damn I hate all this analysis, when people have died! RIP.]
  • Political leaders throughout Europe responded immediately in a similar manner in their respective countries. It was the government who organized “protests”, which is unique!
  • Mayors in the Netherlands in all towns organized manifestations [LINK].
  • ‘Imagine’ of John Lennon was even played at the manifestation in The Hague [LINK].
  • A unique involvement of international political leaders who felt the need to be in Paris. For security reasons under normal curcimstances they would not all rush to Paris.
  • Efforts everywhere to make sure moslims are not excluded from society [LINK].
  • Hollande even says: “Today, Paris is the world capitol” [LINK]. Let that sink in.
  • All solutions mentioned by politicians in the Netherlands are aimed at increasing a police state,  while none of them mention the possibility of guarding our borders again (this is not agenda, while armed forces and increased control throughout the country is). [LINK]

Sorry. If I would write a movie, this wouldnot be my story, because it is just too much. People have died. This part of the story is the hard truth.

I am not sure what to think of it, but I do know how political leaders are using these attacks just way too quickly to implement changes in our countries. I am just afraid many more attacks will take place and not so much because of terrorists attacks themselves (I live in the centre of Amsterdam, near the municipal office, in the Jewish neighbourhood, above the metroline, so what can go wrong?). I am afraid it all is just happening, in order to have the public accept giving up our rights as nations and to organize government on a global level.

Trust me, I have dealt with a global government programme for many years without knowing it: It is not what you would want. Read my blog and ‘imagine’ what can go wrong.

p.s. U zult het niet geloven. In 2001 vertelde iemand die goed geïnformeerd was (bleek achteraf) over ‘mijn’ gang stalking programma me het volgende….   De dag na 3 Koningen zou het allemaal beginnen. “On the fourteenth day of Christmast“, daarna begint de ellende. Het klinkt als een vreemd verhaal, maar dit is wat ze doen. Die lui plannen alles jaren tevoren en zijn gek van symboliek. Ongelooflijk en ik hoop dat t niet waar is.  

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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  1. te twelve day of Christmast:

    5 golden rings, staat dat niet voor Olymische Spelen (de 5 werelddelen)?

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