Now what about the Sony Hacks? Is this really North-Korea?

Why on earth would they bother? Can’t they block the film in North-Korea and fully ignore Hollywood? Yes they can. In fact, they do, mostly.

italie-past-wet-aan-voor-george-clooneyObama is already blaming North-Korea for the ‘attack’, as if it even concerns national security. Sony is a Japanese company! Maybe they need an excuse to do somethng about North-Korea? Of course George Clooney fully supports Obama in this, again.

Here is a link to a timeline of the scandal: timeline.

Here is a link to a petition of George Clooney: petition.

I do not think North-Korea did this, simply because they are not that stupid. Are you aware that the St Regis Hotel in Bangkok where the attack allegedly took place is located on Rajadamri Road 159 in Lumpini Sub-District? And did you also know the US embassy in Bangkok is located on Wireless road 95 (also named Thanon Witthayu 95). Since Sony is a Japanese company it might be worth mentioning the location of the Japanese embassy in Bangkok: Wireless road 177 (also named Thanon Witthayu 177).

Is North-Korea stupid enough to attack Hollywood from a 5-star hotel located just 600m from the US embassy in a city known for numerous cameras in public places? Thailand is crowded with CIA agents! Now who would be this silly, unless they want to get caught!

p.s. Wireless road 87 was overigens de locatie waar ikzelf begin 2014 opgelicht ben door Malaysian Airlines in Bangkok. Ook dat was direct om de hoek bij de USA embassy. In mijn geval weet ik dat dit geen toeval is. 

p.p.s.  Bertelsmann is een Duits mediaconglomeraat, opgericht in 1835 door Carl Bertelsmann. Bertelsmann is eigendom van de “Bertelsmann Stiftung” en de Duitse familie Mohn, de aangetrouwde tak van de familie Bertelsmann. 

I am not buying all of this. Imagine, how Larry King is taking a stand for those making the Sony Interview film, but not for celebrity women, when their nude pics stolen and shared?

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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3 Responses to Now what about the Sony Hacks? Is this really North-Korea?

  1. jimmypimmy says:

    I dont buy the North-Korea did it theory.

    – Arent they normally blocking Hollywood films anyway, so would they risk it all for this?
    – Isnt Thailand a safe haven for CIA and the like?
    – I know the whole area in that part of Bangkok is just covered with CCTV, so?
    – I do not think Korea is that stupid.
    – The Sony hack seems an inside job by those that know the system (or worldclass hackers).

    Why does the US need an excuse to attack North-Korea? Only three independent bank nations left in the world: Cuba, North-Korea and Iran. This is way too obvious. I worry if I were Cuba with Obama being all friendly and so.

  2. This George Clooney guy, is again in the news interfering in international politics, talking about the rights of pro\ivacy of VIPs, freedom and other important human rights. He is acting like he is the moral highground klinda guy. We know he is not!

    So why does he need to be involved again? After the marriage not enough news exposure? Did he promise Obama he would help into another political war game? About what? About a hack! Fine, hacking is wrong. But dont act as if this is an act of terror. Please. And dont be so stupid to remind the public of 9/11, because we might actually start to think.

    Is it Obama’s job to bring the USA down? It seems that way.

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