Overview: What on earth happened with Capgemini ??

Luckily, most people are able to create value. Those that are not talented enough to create value, take pride in destroying value. Anyone can do that.

Even though my former manager at Gemini consulting ignored my polite e-mails with requests for information… And even though his manager claims, no-one within Capgemini knows what Capgemini did to me, while I worked for them… Despite all this ‘lack of communication’, everyone in the company knew what was going on. Everyone, yet no-one told me. And those responsible are too scared to do anything today. What can they say? For them, silence is the answer, once you allow a situation to get out of hands so seriously.

DSCN6618 paint M5110001

The gang stalking team who intended to destroy me, worked permanently at Capgemini complex in Utrecht. This way, they could monitor and stalk me fulltime (link 1 and link 2).

I did not understand what was happening: who’d think it was something this outrageous? My colleagues even helped the Orange gang stalking team (link 3 and link 4 and link 5  and link 6 and link 7). They knew my chances of survival would diminish with everything they did. They knew I was by no means a criminal nor a terrorist or what-so-ever. Still, they allowed liquidation agents on the premises. And the most outrageous thing of all: this man is even allowed to work at Capgemini again! Can you imagine? When I worked there, he needed to leave, because he was involved in an attempt at my life…

All this happened, while I worked hard on any client assignment they gave me. I made sure all my project results were ‘best in class’. I worked overtime in weekends (unpaid). To be honest, I was one of the best women they had working in the company in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, Capgemini violated most human rights of one of their most loyal and hard working employees (me!). Don’t they care about human rights, the moment someone shows a little bit of cash?  That’s just dumb.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to Overview: What on earth happened with Capgemini ??

  1. mijn god. wat heb jij allemaal meegemaakt. je gelooft niet dat dit gebeurt in ons land. ik ben echt sprakeloos. en het gaat maar door. sterkte!

  2. en niemand van die collega’s stuurt je even een briefje om je te helpen? die moesten zich dood schamen.

  3. jimmypimmy says:

    Zo die kijken blij. En dat zal nu (na je blog) niet blijer zijn. hahaha. 😉

  4. kaskaas says:

    o heee diezelfde gast als met de zwabbert kan zijn lachen niet inhouden. dat is m toch? met de zwabbert nu bij de VNO.

  5. kaskaas says:

    de meeste van je collegas vinden het niets, dat hele weekend van je hier. maar een paar moeten echt hun lachen inhouden. dan weet je genoeg. die moge naar de sloop.

    • maudoortwijn says:

      zo lang we niet met geweld dreigen, mag je bij mij je mening uiten. En ja, ik ben zelf ook heel boos geweest.

  6. The Brewer says:

    Maud, I need your help. Please tell me: what is the link between Berend Olde Rikkert, Cap Gemini and Bangkok ?

  7. Sorry hoor says:

    Als de overheid compleet corrupt gemaakt is,
    dan kan daarna desgewenst iedere ander bedrijf overgenomen worden.
    er is geen controlerende poot meer in de trias politica extended.
    media, politiek, hulpinstanties, rechters zelfs (vooral strafrecht en jeugd)….
    alles geinfiltreerd en veel is fake.
    je kan als target nergens meer naartoe.
    ze isoleren je eerst door je te omringen in al je sociale contacten.
    is dat gerealiseerd, dan kunnen ze je alles maken, want de politie, media etc doen niets.

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