“Joris Demmink abused children together with prince Claus in the sex cellars of Frits Salomonson on the Keizers-canal in Amsterdam”

Source: Interview with ‘rolodex’ police witness by Micha Kat, 26 November, 2011 RV-dutroux2_jpg_crop_display Claus en Salomons 487104_253259918136566_1359240812_n Demmink J I have been an anonymous witness for the police in the ‘rolodex-investigations’ (1998). In 1999 I would have participated in the Leidsch Stand-up Comedy Festival, had I not been forbidden to do so, by the police of CID Kennemerland. At this moment, I receive medical treatment for depression in the Delta Hospital in Hellevoetsluit. My psychiatrist is dr. Lionel Nurmohemmed. I have three daughters, who are still young. This is why I bring these stories out in the open. Organized child abuse in paedophile-networks must stop. During the Rolodex-investigation, I talked to detective Leen and detective Ben. [shows an old piece of paper with two phone numbers: “Leen & Ben: 06-53443401 (Leen); 06-53 (3?) 68191 (Ben); from CID Kennemerland”] The prosecutor in charge of the rolodex-case was Ms. Van Luijn. In 2000, I also gave my statements to the Dutch media NOS, to mister Lex Runderkamp and mister Robert Bas. The NOS keeps my statements in a safe. Since I was 14 years old, I had been abused in these paedophile circles. When I ran away from home at the age of 14 (my dad was an alcoholic), mister Arthur Tukkers picked me up in Amsterdam. He worked for a company called Ducedo (for mister Charles Geerts). He brought me to his place on Oude Schans 53 and offered me drugs ands pills. After a while, I had to go with mister Maasdam to the Festival Bar. I have been in the SM cellars of Frits Salomonson [former house lawyer of the royal family] on the Keizers-canal 497. That’s where I saw prince Claus. I also saw people, which I know have disappeared later on, no-one heard from them again. I was brought to Salomonson in a black car. His house is decorated with lots of marble details. There was an enormous living room. On the right, a stairway down into the cellars. Leather hats, whips, chains, all that sort of things would hang on the walls. That’s when I saw prince Claus. I was under the influence of drugs and was penetrated. Mister Karel Maasdam abused me in Salomonson’s cellars. Mister Karel Maasdam has been convicted for paedophilia largely based on my statements. In addition to that, I testified against the German “Willy”, who worked with mister Lothar Glandorf. I also gave witness reports about activities of mister Arthur Tukkers and company Ducedo. Ducedo is the code name for mister Charles Geerts. My lawyer was supposed to help me and file complaints against Demmink and others too, but he didn’t do anything for me. When I was 15 years old, I went to Worclaw (in Poland) together with prof. Ger van Roon. He was a university professor. Back then, I was brought by private-chauffeur to his apartment in Amsterdam-North. There I met mister Joris Demmink. On that occasion, in Ger van Roon’s apartment in Amsterdam-North, I was abused by him. I met Demmink again in the Amstel Club in the Paarden-street in Amsterdam. Mister Ed van Thijn, mister Paul de Leeuw and mister Andre van Duin were all guests of the Amstel Club [from the statement it is unclear if these three men had sex with underaged boys too]. I wrote an article about the Amstel Club on website http://www.stelling.nl ‘Kleintje Muurkrant’. Shortly thereafter, the Amstel Club closed its doors. You could say it was the Dutch version of the Pinocchio Bar in Prague. I thus met mister Demmink on at least two occasions: at professor Van Roon’s apartment and in the Amstel Club. How I am certain this was Joris Demmink? His glasses. And he is dirty, e.g. he preferred dirty, extreme sexual activities. Everyone called him “Joris”. Perhaps we also met in a club on the Insulindeweg 106, but I am not sure. Marc Dutroux I met twice. He frequented the club on the Insulindeweg. Demmink mainly had anal sex with young boys. He is abusive. He was able to become SG of the Justice department, because he has ‘sensitive material’ on prince Claus, which has been recorded at Salomonson’s house. I am prepared to declare that in front of a camera too. Demmink is in contact with foreign intelligence services and he shared the material of prince Claus with them.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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5 Responses to “Joris Demmink abused children together with prince Claus in the sex cellars of Frits Salomonson on the Keizers-canal in Amsterdam”

  1. jimmypimmy says:

    Die hebben we even niet gezien, marc. moe van die kop.

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  4. Fake non-mainstream news says:

    Bernard is controlled opposition
    So is the FREE Thought project
    These people are fake
    Paid actors by the elite
    Hoping you spend your energy on them
    Hoping victims will contact them
    Fake controlled opposition
    Joris Demmink is actor Scholten Aschatz who is also corrupt
    Everyone in Justice department knows Joris Demmink was an actor

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