Nog meer bewijs: Een stalking team fulltime was niet genoeg. In Sevilla gaan er extra mankrachten mee voor Boer & Croon (deel 6)

100In 2008, I was working for a Dutch consulting firm. For our 30-years-lustrum we went away for the weekend with all personnel. It was well organized and amazing, yet somehow my colleagues just were unkind to me the whole weekend, and I did not know why. It turned out that my ‘gang stalking’  surveillance programme had forced this company to treat me bad for the weekend. Apparently, a Dutch firm thus has no choice but to comply with this ‘state interference’.  Luckily they made pictures. In part 5 of this series, I show the pictures of the gang stalking team that was always present at my work place. In this blog I show the pictures of extra agents that joined the Boer & Croon company on their weekend away. Again, officially only colleagues of Boer & Croon were present. All the more explaining they have to do: Who are these ‘additional’ people? What did they do in Spain?

200 100_3085  300 IMG_0664

In the above pictures, in the back, on the right, a man in a brown jacket. He’s not working for our company. And he’s also not part of the organization arranging the weekend. So why is he managing logistics in the next picture? In the picture on the right, the woman you see in the airplane sharing hand-outs, is now talking to my colleague, on the left in the picture.

400 Sevilla 068 500 100_3115

She is again managing ‘stalking activities’ by phone in the picture above (on the left). Next to her in the jeans and white shirt another agent (whom we know for sure is a Dutch secret service agent). That same evening, these agents were just hanging around the bar, in the back of the ‘Spanish salon’.  The woman in the beige jacket and the man in the brown jacket hang out together most of the evening. Again, my company Boer & Croon rented the entire establishment that evening. Anyone present should be either a) an employee of B&C or b) part of the Spanish servants team, that served a wonderful evening out for us.

On our way back, in the plane. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The young man on the right, I have seen later on, but in a different setting. I saw him accompanied by other gang stalking agents in a bar in Amsterdam. In the previous blog you see him talking to organizer Gobert.

Why is all this happening? Unless the whole Bangkok story is true. Even then, it is crazy!

We zijn als land de weg kwijt. Laten we de puinhoop opruimen, dan kunnen we verder. Met het dichthouden van doofpotten gaat ‘t van kwaad tot erger.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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1 Response to Nog meer bewijs: Een stalking team fulltime was niet genoeg. In Sevilla gaan er extra mankrachten mee voor Boer & Croon (deel 6)

  1. jimmypimmy says:

    Die Koninklijke bijlage is veel te hoog. Het erge is, al die agenten gaan waarschijnlijk niet eens uit dit budget. Welke dienst is dit? KLPD? AIVD?

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