Being monitored 24/7, is being captive

SAM_5026Een middeleeuwse heksenjacht, voor het Koningshuis

In addition to the neighbours watching me, and the professionals who are monitoring me professionally 24/7 just a few doors away, I am also being followed when I go outdoors. When I do groceries, for instance. They know everything I do. And they mostly use the information to stalk me or block my social/work activities. All this happened since Bangkok.

These men follow me often, when I just walk outside:

  • man with black cap in convenience store (link)
  • man in yellow jacket near Weesperstraat (link)
  • man in blue shirt in Albert Heijn supermarket (link)
  • Karate Bob I have seen often in my street as well, until 2010… (link)

Now that my internet, phone, mobile and whereabouts are under control, it is almost impossible to do anything without the ‘royal surveillance team’ being aware. I can not even mail a letter, without it getting noticed. For agents with endless budgets and royal immunity, this kind of information about someones personal life, is enough to destroy it. When all your communication is monitored, automatically your worklife, social life, healthcare, education and sport activities can be easily manipulated (for those with a certain royal license). This makes a model citizen, all the sudden, not happy anymore.

This is not acceptable in a so-called western society. Yes, I said “STOP THIS!” many times. I’ve written the rights letters. I have knocked on the right doors (though it took me years to find out, which doors to knock on). Do you want this done with your tax money, or would you rather see our elderly cared for 24/7? Tax money can only be spent once.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to Being monitored 24/7, is being captive

  1. je moet contact opnemen met mensenrechten organisties. dit is echt raar

  2. jimmypimmy says:

    Eens. Genoeg is genoeg. En de Nederlandse overheid is de weg kwijt. Je hebt er geen fuck aan. We zijn bananen-monarchie. Geen ambtenaren maar lakeien. Bea’s beflapjes: (flinterdun, gemaakt van olie/plastic en de lijkenlucht afdichten, gna gna, not).

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