* * * Overview: Neighbourhood Surveillance (in Amsterdam)

025_IMG_0308Over the past few weeks I have published several blogs on the surveillance programme in my neighbourhood. Since I ran into the Dutch royal family in Bangkok in December 2000 (link 1 and link 2 and link 3) they have been monitoring and controlling my life, to make sure I would keep quiet about their little hobby. This gang stalking programme made me decide I should do the opposite: bring it out in the open.

According to the Dutch ministry of Justice, no (police nor other) government agency is monitoring me. (link)  This is a lie and the whole world knows it.

Below I will describe just a few surveillance activities they set-up in my neighbourhood.

  • The municipal organisation for real estate preservation (old city centre Amsterdam) ‘Stadsherstel’ possesses a relatively large number of real estate objects opposite my home and just around the corner from where I live. Some of these houses -I know- are rented out to those involved in the surveillance programme. (link)
  • Professional agents were using two specific real estate locations across the canal, from my house on the opposite side of the New Prince Canal street (number 33-35 and 39), just to coordinate the main surveillance activities. (link)
  • While the real estate market went down in Amsterdam, the appartments near to my house were sold a) within a few days after they were put on the market, b) against a higher price then one would expect, and c) often to people who are connected to our government, to former minister Korthals or to the royal family. All my neighbours are aware of the surveillance programme I am under and are involved in it, some more than others. (link)
  • Those living in the appartments next to mine (direct neighbours) somehow are connected to former minister Korthals, the royal family or Justice Department. (link)
  • You understand, the Dutch secret service is frequently visiting and is tapping my web-activities. Here’s the red AIVD car in front of my house, while a ‘young man in black’ visits the neighbours. (link)  The secret service still denies having a file about me.
  • My next-door neighbour had four cameras in his garden, all watching my backyard. When I found out, I complained and had them covered. I think other neighbours now have cameras installed. (link)  Of course, this is illegal too.
  • So somewhere near my backyard, new cameras and listening devices have been installed, watching my house from one of the appartments behind me. The three neighbours living above me are aware of it, as they all have their balconies protected with plant-fences, so that no-one can watch inside their homes from the backyard. This is an unusual way of gardening for an Amsterdam balcony. No, none of them warned me, though they know how my rights are being voilated.  (link)
  • Even before you’d get to my home, when visiting, you already would be on camera, or at least your car would be (including its number plate). The municipal government has ANPS camera’s on the Main ring road A10 and the City centre ring. While they generally do not use these camera’s within the City centre ring, there is one exception: the main road leading to the canal where I live. (link)
  • During the first months after releasing my book “Dag Licht” in 2011 (with anonymous novel characters) helicopters would follow me, when I’d leave the house, even to do some groceries. Ever since, the helicopters have been there a few times a week (link 1 and link 2). Mind you, I had never mentioned any names or said anything that suggests it was more then a novell (instead it was true crime).

In short, I am being watched wherever I go. Whatever I do, often one of the neighbours comes running out of their houses, to ask me kindly what I am up to. Yes, they are very concerned. And they all have the ‘crazy eyes’ and the worst social skills: no matter how long you just politely smile and keep silent, they insist on insulting you like ‘people who don’t know any better’. But they do know better. None of these neighbours is ‘the worst ever’. But to be surrounded by all of them together, is just ‘too uncomfortable’.

Over the years, I have written a few letters to our ministry of Justice on the subject. Attached you find a kind reply I received in return (link). They are most concerned too. The ministry of Justice is convinced I am not being monitored by the police nor by any other government agency. My perceptions of such activities should -according to them- be discussed with a medical doctor, to get help. Yes, they too are very concerned about me.

You would expect all this in a dictatorship, not in a democracy. Government officials somehow entirely lost touch with what we stand for as a country. They are lost.

Maud Oortwijn

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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2 Responses to * * * Overview: Neighbourhood Surveillance (in Amsterdam)

  1. We leren Nederland op een totaal andere manier kennen zo

  2. Searles Lewis says:

    In Los Alamos, my landlord and Paul Giesik, brother of the child molestor drug dealer cop snitch would follow me, from the top of Conoco hill to just down by the Pueblo middle school or the bridge beyond it. I spoke to one of the men installing cameras, he said it and all of them were live-they use them to make sure their bitches do their dirty work for the Los Alamos Police Department to intimidate and scare/terrorize and harass people.

    The people they usually get are family friends of convicts, drug users, or people on probation with the Sheriff’s office. In one case, the admin for the comp network I was on was being managed by a registered sex offender who had been dragged into court and jail for 80 days total twice because he refused to put down an email addy on his registration form, even tho the judge stated he did not have to do so. They hold that illegal potential arrest over him as blackmail to get him to do it.

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