WWW nu wel: Freedom of speech. Access to information.

On July 2nd, Maud Oortwijn was a guest at Dutch radio station ‘Talk 2 Myra’. While Myra herself is a fan of the Dutch monarchy, she still believes in the rights of all citizens to express their opinions, no matter what. Myra is a remarkable woman who invites all sorts of people to her radio station ‘Talk 2 Myra’. The Dutch believe freedom of speech helps society as whole long term, while it might at times be a hassle on the short term political agenda. It turned out to be a unique and interesting debate about the monarchy in the Netherlands, on July 2nd 2013.

What listeners of the radio program might not have been aware of is the following. During the radio program, Maud Oortwijn’s front door has been broken into: someone unlocked it and left the door open, most likely to make her feel vulnerable, while she was on live radio. During the radio program her internet access was also made unavailable. Ever since, she has no access to internet from her house. Hopefully the provider will restore it soon, as she did phone the helpdesk the very next morning. Mind you, access to the internet is a human right in the Netherlands. This is outrageous and ridiculous.

By the way, the public announcements Maud Oortwijn has made in the past few years about the royal family, she has first expressed quietly through official channels, so they [our political leaders] did have an opportunity to solve the matter outside of public sight.

En ondertussen (zaterdagochtend) heb ik weer internet. Bewijs van afwezigheid:Talk2Myra www“.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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