Surveillance in Amsterdam, how it is done.

Amsterdam has a reputation of being a ‘free community’. However, the local government is well-organized when someone feels a need for surveillance on normal citizens (non-criminals), like they did to me. Below, I will reveal how this gang stalking is done.

Amsterdam staat bekend als een stad met een ‘vrije cultuur’. Wat veel mensen niet beseffen, is hoe de gemeente omgaat met de burgers en hun rechten. Sinds ik ben verhuisd van Den Haag naar Amsterdam (in 2001) ben ik hinderlijk gevolgd door een gang stalking organisatie in Amsterdam die door de gemeente wordt gefaciliteerd. Het Koningshuis wilde kennelijk dat mijn leven volledig in kaart zou worden gebracht en dat ik vervolgens op alle aspecten van mijn leven zou worden tegengewerkt. Ja, de gemeente doet dat vervolgens gewoon, ook met niet-criminele burgers die volledig hun mond houden over ‘Bangkok‘.


The picture above shows the houses opposite my place on ‘Nieuwe Prinsengracht’ street in Amsterdam. The royal family wanted my life to be fully monitored and basically destroyed, so the local government simply arranges locations in my street where the gang stalking could be organized from. Today I will reveal some of the locations used. In the opposite picture, the Orange house behind the yellow boat house (number 33-35) located a company on the first floor called ‘Indeed’. They had my apartment watched and tapped for many many years. They also put surveillance equipment in the office spaces next door on number 39 (large building to the right, as seen on the picture). For many years, I have seen agents working for Beatrix come in and out of these two buildings.

DSCN1779DSCN4256In 2012, I mentioned on facebook, how I knew they were hiding behind this company ‘Indeed’. The company then immediately moved away from nr 33. The pictures show the nr 33 door plates shortly before vs after my facebook post.

The real estate is owned by (Kadastraal bericht eigendom AMSTERDAM O 2605 npg 33) and the local government (Kadastraal bericht eigendom AMSTERDAM O 4271 Gemeente Amdam npg 39). so far i believe the death of the owner of the real estate in 2o12 is a coincidence. I have no reason to think otherwise.

I already have done some further studies about ‘my surveillance’ programme. Everyone involved in it (in an organizing role), somehow has connections to either the municipal government, the state government and/or the royal family. I will post more about my findings in the near future. And yes, all this started many years before I published my first novel ‘Dag Licht’ in 2011. In fact, in the early years of 2000 I was openly defending the royal family, while being unaware they had decided my life needed to be destroyed (one way or the other).

Read more about what they do in my neighbourhood to watch me 24/7. (link) And some pictures to proof “Indeed” did watch me.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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