Following in Beatrix’ footsteps


The weeks around the abdication-crowning of Beatrix respectively Willem-Alexander on April 30, have been particularly stressful, even though I had decided in February I would definitely stay at home. Below I will share with you some information on what WA means when he says he intends to “defend the freedom and rights of all citizens”.

                   “Ik zweer aan de volkeren van het Koninkrijk dat Ik het Statuut voor het Koninkrijk en de Grondwet steeds zal onderhouden en handhaven. Ik zweer dat Ik de onafhankelijkheid en het grondgebied van het Koninkrijk met al Mijn vermogen zal verdedigen en bewaren; dat Ik de vrijheid en de rechten van alle Nederlanders en alle ingezetenen zal beschermen, en tot instandhouding en bevordering van de welvaart alle middelen zal aanwenden welke de wetten Mij ter beschikking stellen, zoals een goed en getrouw Koning schuldig is te doen.”

So, weeks before the Big Day, the AIVD (Dutch secret services) had already been visiting my neighbours, so they ‘d be aware of ‘the problem’ and how they would be ‘handling it’. [again, keep in mind, I have never been formally accused of any wrongdoing] The picture above shows a red car of an AIVD-employee parked in front of my house, while the agent visits my nextdoor neighbour (who has a history of agressive stalking). As most of my neighbours report to the police and voilate my privacy one-way-or-the-other, some get nasty, as they know they get away with anything. I cannot imagine how anyone actually believes a programme like this increases security: most neighbours deliberately annoy me and they also get away with all kinds of criminal behaviour.

A week before April 30, my internet connection started to show problems. At times we would not have access to the internet, even though I was connected to the speedtouch device of my provider. Luckily, they had implemented a second WiFi network at my neighbours home, which had EXACTLY the same name as mine (just 1 letter was different, ‘Tpeedtouch 80AA0D’ instead of ‘Speedtouch 80AA0D’ , see attached document SpeedTouch second wifi 2013) and -yes- it was an unsecured network. I am convinced the trick frequently works, as someone lacking internet and searching to reconnect, would easily login to this other WiFi network. If I had done so, they would have had access to my computer. And it might be legal since I would (without being aware) login to their network! I am sure they still scan my internet anyway, but as I have not done anything wrong, they are formally not allowed to do so, and especially not for so many, many years.

In the week before the Big Day, at least six of my neighbors were invited to state meetings to discuss what to do on April 30th: in case I would change my mind and go out (and maybe even walk to the supermarket or so!). I have seen them walking down the street like small ducks following mamma duck, with 20 meters in between the small ducks. Of course no-one would notice when they all (!) leave a house with 20 meters in between. Yes, all this is happening for our own good. And it really helps to keep the neighbourhood quiet. Not.

Next. On 28 April, my internet was entirely blocked 24h hours a day and it remained blocked until May 1st in the afternoon. My provider claims it wasn’t them and they suspected it must have been KPN. Attached (document 2 on SpeedTouch) you find how my computer reported the incident, so you know I don’t make this up.

Why spend all these millions on security? I am not even discussing the many ‘agents’ walking down the streets of Amsterdam, or the additional camera’s that have been installed to keep an eye out on everyone in the public and on every discussion that takes place. How much does a (manned) helicopter cost per day? Is it really necessary? And when I visited the supermarket on April 28, why did they wreck my camera ‘accidentally’?

They could have the ceremony at one of the many beautiful castles, which would legally allow them to keep away anyone from their premises who is not their friend and/or political supporter. When you hold a party in the centre of Amsterdam, the government can only take action against those that do (intend to) break the law. The majority of people in Amsterdam are for a republic. And as citizens of this city, they have the right to walk the streets freely and express their political points of view or maybe even check their e-mails.

It’s the job of the head of state to be an example for us all; to help protect the rights of citizens; and make everyone feel included. At least, that is what I believe in.

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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