In 2002 Dutch Government falls over Srebrenica

The entire Dutch cabinet has resigned in the aftermath of a report on the Srebrenica massacre. A formal report said the government had sent its peacekeepers on a “mission impossible” to protect Srebrenica, which was supposed to be a UN safe area. Some say it could have been prevented, as the US ministry of Foreign Affairs had warned the Dutch queen Beatrix about the potential threat well before the massacre took place.

Biesemaat:  Op 12 maart 2002 heeft Rob Trip voor NOVA-televisie een interview met Richard Holbrooke (onderminister USA voor de Balkan) gehad. Holbrooke verklaart hier onder meer dat hij op 8 juni 1995 op de Bilderberg-conferentie Bürgenstock (Zwitserland) aan Beatrix zei: “I said to her: Your Majesty I wanna talk to you about a very serious issue. Your troops are sitting in the valley in Srebrenica. The hills are surrounded by Serbs, the situation could not be more dangerous. I sketched out for her on a piece of paper what it looked like. I said: I am intensely worried, you don’t have enough men there to defend themselves or the people around them. But you have enough to be very vulnerable, and I am more worried about it then any other place in Europe”.

Een jaar later ontmoette Holbrooke de koningin opnieuw, ditmaal op de Bilderbergconferentie in Ontario (Canada). “But the next year after the tragedy had occured we met again at Bilderberg this time held in Canada. And she said: “You know mr. Holbrooke, I will never forget that conversation as long as I live, I knew that something was serious, I talked to people about it (she didn’t say who) and I will never forget your warning.”

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