So what keeps our politicians awake at night?

After my silence for about 10 years on how I had ran into the Royal family, who were unfortunately involved in a pedophile orgy in Bangkok on December 2000…. In 2010, 2011 and again 2012, I contacted several government agencies and politicians on the matter and finally on 16-1-2012  and 1-2-2013  the entire parliament and press of the Netherlands. I received no reply. Not one single question. What does that mean?

001_RBIAdam-image-1170500What reasons might parliament members have to not even ask me in 2010/2011 who in our government was involved in pedophile activities and who was violating so many of my rights?

I can only imagine these 3 options:

  1. They do not care Dutch state representatives can be viewed openly in Thailand while involved in pedophile activities. And they also do not care about human rights violations against a Dutch civilian? Our parliament members can not be bothered with these issues?
  2. They do care about both the above. But as they already were informed about who it concerned, they decided to not respond to my requests for help. In this case, our members of parliament not only a) accept pedophile activities, but also b) accepted the human rights violations against me to continue over all these years. Is the royal family allowed to do as they please at all costs with anyone in this country no matter what? This is not at all what Thorbecke meant with the Dutch “royal immunity”.
  3. They do care about both the above, but as they already were informed about who it concerned, they decided to not respond. Their main concern is to participate in the next government, which still requires support of the royal ruler.

Why else would no-one respond? One thing is sure, they are not at all worried about the welfare of our royal family. Everyone who knows me can tell: When you stalk someone long enough, that person will not just keep quiet (I was 100% silent on the topic for >10years). I think our politicians have this clever plan to allow for victims of the royal family, so that people like me will do the job they should have done elegantly years ago.

Maud Oortwijn

Below you find the e-mails to all parliament members …


Datum: 01-02-2013

Aan: Alle leden van de Tweede Kamer

CC: Pers Nederland


It is time, the world should know the true colour of Oranje

They expected this message… and I know most people do not.

On 6 December 2000, just after lunchtime in Bangkok, I witnessed pedophile activities of a group of about 8-10 persons from the Netherlands (not including the entourage). When I saw who was involved, I decided to leave the scene quickly and never tell anyone about it. Back then, I believed this was best for my country and for my own safety. Over 10 years I kept silent and protected the royal family of the Netherlands, as I had recognized Queen Beatrix, prince Claus, crown prince Willem-Alexander, prince Maurits, and minister Korthals. I also saw Mr. Joris Demmink among the support staff facilitating the trip in Bangkok.

Despite my 100% silence, government officials tried to silence me for good. Until the present day, I am hunted down by numerous organizations in Dutch society, even though I did nothing wrong and am by no means a criminal nor a terrorist, or whatsoever. Over a period of more than 10 years I escaped at least 9 attempts at my life. In addition to that, I have been threatened, wrongfully lost my job, was many times assaulted, even drugged, followed by the police and many more things: just to make sure I would ‘shut up’. Those ‘no-privacy-left’ measures that are supposedly meant to catch criminals, are used by the Ministry of Justice to stalk me and dispose of me. After many years of silence and many letters to political leaders in The Hague, all this was sufficient reason to do exactly the opposite. I now speak out.

It started with this one incident on 6 December 2000. It’s well known, pedophile activities are widespread in political circles and in higher management of (semi)governmental organizations. Yet, the impact of it goes beyond ‘only’ the crimes committed. Cover-up activities damage our society far beyond that and it impacts many more lives. We simply can not have a ‘just society’ or a ‘free market economy’ when the one cover-up is followed by the next. Moreover, as cover-ups require the involvement of many (government) officials, in our country higher positions are mostly given to those that are somehow involved. These are not always the best qualified persons for the job. The governance structure of our society thus has become in itself a problem. It damages our reputation worldwide and causes weakness in our institutions.

Our royal family is behind all this. They continued a pedocracy as a family tradition, to maintain political and economical power. Since members of the royal family are protected from prosecution by law, a cover-up of any harm done is standard practice. Over the years, many people have been done harm by the family of Oranje-Nassau. When someone is perceived a threat to the family (sometimes for no reason), that person is disposed off one way or the other. In legal procedures, it is difficult to be granted justice, as ‘friends of the family’ are assigned to key positions in the entire system. The general public has no idea what is going on and the press is not allowed to publish about these matters. The media even tells us how “Beatrix can not defend herself”, while the truth is, she abuses her position to attack anyone she wants, often applying illegal methods. The Ministry of Justice plays an important role in all of this. This is not who we are as a people. We are better than that.

As a result, I now speak to the international community to help restore my fundamental rights as a citizen of the Netherlands. In 2013, someone like me should not be fighting for civil rights, just because our royal family has illegal hobbies, which I even was prepared to keep silent. It should not happen to anyone. All this is not good for our country. The people of the Netherlands deserve a just society, deserve democracy and deserve a healthy social-liberal economy. Somehow our government forgot about that. We are too good to let this happen to our country.

Please share this message if you think this should be investigated by an (international) Truth Committee.

Maud Oortwijn


Datum: 16-01-2012; Van: Maud Oortwijn; Betreft: Staat van de rechtstaat

Aan: Alle leden van de Tweede Kamer; CC: Pers Nederland

Bijlagen: Dag Licht pdf [boek]

Geachte leden van de Tweede Kamer,

In de bijlage treft u het boek ‘Dag Licht’ aan in pdf-format. Het is een waargebeurd verhaal dat vandaag de dag speelt in Nederland. De hoofdpersonen in het verhaal zijn anoniem gemaakt. Het boek gaat over een Nederlandse vrouw die getuige is van een strafbaar feit en om die reden jarenlang gestalkt wordt vanuit politiek Den Haag. Het doel hiervan is, om haar het zwijgen op te leggen. Echter, ondanks haar jarenlange discrete zwijgen, houden de intimidaties (en erger) niet op.

Gedurende het jaar 2011 heb ik mijn zwijgen doorbroken en een zestal leden van de regering schriftelijk op de hoogte gebracht van de situatie met een verzoek om de kwestie te helpen oplossen. Dit heeft –tot mijn verbazing- niet geleid tot een oplossing of inhoudelijke behandeling. De intimidaties blijven bovendien aanhouden en mij wordt een normaal leven bijna onmogelijk gemaakt. Dit kan niet in een rechtstaat. Ik heb immers niets verkeerd gedaan. De geloofwaardigheid van de Nederlandse staat is hier in het geding.

In december 2011 deed ik aangifte. De politie in Amsterdam wilde de aangifte niet aannemen, met als enige reden dat het o.a. mensen betrof die deelnemen aan de regering. Ik stuur u dit schrijven, omdat de Tweede Kamer de aangewezen instantie is om de uitvoerende macht te controleren. Enkele leden van de Tweede Kamer stuurde ik in de afgelopen maanden reeds het boek ‘Dag Licht’ toe, maar hierop heb ik geen reactie mogen ontvangen. Vandaar dat ik het relaas nu breder verspreid en ook de pers ervan op de hoogte breng.

Ik hoop natuurlijk op een spoedige oplossing van deze ongelukkige kwestie.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Maud Oortwijn

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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  1. Anti deVriesmaffia says:

    Maud heeft alles verzonnen. Luister de radio uitzendingen op Argusoogradio,

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