* * * It is time, the world should know the true colour of Oranje

They expected this message… and I know most people do not.

burj11-680x1024On 6 December 2000, just after lunchtime in Bangkok, I witnessed pedophile activities of a group of about 8-10 persons from the Netherlands (not including the entourage). When I saw who was involved, I decided to leave the scene quickly and never tell anyone about it. Back then, I believed this was best for my country and for my own safety. Over 10 years I kept silent and protected the royal family of the Netherlands, as I had recognized Queen Beatrix, prince Claus, prince Maurits, and minister B. Korthals.

Despite my 100% silence, government officials/royal family tried to silence me for good. Until the present day, I am hunted down by numerous organizations in Dutch society, even though I did nothing wrong and am by no means a criminal nor a terrorist, or whatsoever. Over a period of more than 10 years I escaped multiple attempts at my life. In addition to that, I have been threatened, wrongfully lost my job, was many times assaulted, even drugged, followed by the police and many more things: just to make sure I would ‘shut up’. Those ‘no-privacy-left’ measures that are supposedly meant to catch criminals, are used by the Ministry of Justice to stalk me and dispose off me. After many years of silence and many letters to political leaders in The Hague, all this was sufficient reason to do exactly the opposite. I now speak out.

It’s well known, pedophile activities are widespread in political circles and in higher management of (semi)governmental organizations. Yet, the impact of it goes beyond ‘only’ the crimes committed. Cover-up activities damage our society far beyond that and it impacts many more lives. We simply can not have a ‘just society’ or a ‘free market economy’ when the one cover-up is followed by the next. Moreover, as cover-ups require the involvement of many (government) officials, in our country higher positions are mostly given to those that are somehow involved. These are not always the best qualified persons for the job. The governance structure of our society thus has become in itself a problem. It damages our reputation worldwide and causes weakness in our institutions.

Our royal family is behind all this. They set-up a so-called pedocracy, to maintain political and economical power. Since members of the royal family are protected from prosecution by law, a cover-up of any harm done is standard practice. Over the years, many people have been done harm by the family of Oranje-Nassau. When someone is perceived a threat to the family (sometimes for no reason), that person is disposed off one way or the other. In legal procedures, it is difficult to be granted justice, as ‘friends of the family’ are assigned to key positions in the entire system. The general public has no idea what is going on and the press is not allowed to publish about these matters. The media even tells us how “Beatrix can not defend herself”, while the truth is, she abuses her position to attack anyone she wants, often applying illegal methods. The Ministry of Justice plays an important role in all of this. This is not who we are as a people. We are better than that.

As a result, I now speak to the international community to help restore my fundamental rights as a citizen of the Netherlands. In 2013, someone like me should not be fighting for civil rights, just because our royal family has illegal hobbies, which I even was prepared to keep silent. It should not happen to anyone. All this is not good for our country. The people of the Netherlands deserve a just society, deserve democracy and deserve a healthy social-liberal economy. Somehow our government forgot about that. We are too good to let this happen to our country.

Please share this message if you think this should be investigated by an (international) Truth Committee.

Maud Oortwijn

About MOL

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.
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9 Responses to * * * It is time, the world should know the true colour of Oranje

  1. Geen andere getuigen en wat zag je dan precies?
    Moeilijk voor te stellen maar als het klopt dan loop je risico. Of je krijgt een proces aan je broek wegens laster.

  2. mr. Anderson says:

    Innocent civilians are and have been targeted in the netherlands with so called ‘non lethal weapons’. It is as if a parallel justice system is emerging, These gang stalking methods are real, measurable, dangerous (12% invalidity) and in the wrong hands. In at least two cases muslims where involved. No alarmbells appear to be ringing while this topic has now grown to the top 1% of web blogs. Some organisation appears to have has taken the liberty to play judge, juror and executioner here, and is ‘in hiding’ (like any other common criminal organisation). Journalists,politicians,lawyers and docters have possibly misjudged this horrible reality due to their lack of knowledge of physics.
    Human rights are violated daily in the Netherlands, if Maud is sincere, i wish her luck.


  3. Melanie Jansen says:

    What did you see?

  4. anonTruthseeker says:

    Het verhaal klinkt zo gek dat het waar moet zijn. David Icke had zelfde soort Kwaadaardige bezigheden bij Engelse Koningshuis ook opgemerkt, verder schijnt het dat ‘blauw bloed’ genetisch anders is. (Ze missen bepaalde menselijke dna onderdelen en hebben er andere voor in de plaats)

    Joris Demmink is ook zo’n figuur. (Film dutch injustice op youtube)
    Verder zijn bepaalde jeugdzorg adressen ermee gepaard (bijv Wilmahuis)
    Dit verhaal gaat heel diep.

    Uit het onderzoek wat ik zelf gedaan heb kwam naar voren dat het onderdeel is van rituelen en satanisme.
    Het verkrachten van kinderen staat symbool voor de duivel die god overwint en verder voor kracht.

    Ze bezitten alle olie- en energiemaatschappijen, banken en kantoosectoren, zorgsysteem, voedings- en geneesmiddelenindustrie, onderwijs, justitie, politie en hulpdiensten, leger, etc

    Ze hebben letterlijk een powerstructure om zich heen gebouwd…
    Wat doe je eraan?
    Verenig je met anderen, en zoek kennis.
    Als je weet hoe ze je bestrijden, weet je hoe je iets terug kan doen om je te verzetten

    Na nog zon verhaal als dit begin je kars t te begrijpen, hoe bizar dat ook klinkt

  5. @ Jordan Spliethof, Een getuigenis op ambtseed telt voor twee.. en degene bij wie ze in dienst zijn “De burger- eed” telt voor 1. Dat moet eigenlijk al genoeg zeggen waar onze plaats is volgens corrupt bestuur Nederland. Dat waren (wijze) mannen in 1814 die de Grondwet maakte,kijk maar eens naar de namen, zelf een van Vollenhoven was erbij betrokken. ART 1 😦

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