Is it possible? Can most news be fake news, brought to you by script writers and actors?

We do consider it a possibility. Fake News.

  • Hoax terror attacks, to steer financial markets and political changes?
  • Actors with multiple identities who play various roles on tv and in real life?
  • The world not steered by real news and democratic processes, but by a totalitarian system that is manipulating processes worldwide?
  • Persons on tv as controlled actors in a role, including politicians, celebrities, musicians, news reporters, as well as so-called “random citizens” interviewed on the street?

We analyzed various terror attacks and consider that multiple of them are potential hoax attacks (e.g. 9/11 and Boris Nemtsov and ISIS and Anders Breitvik). We studied various well-known crimes and consider multiple of them potential hoax crimes (e.g. Natalee Holloway and Weduwe Wittenberg). We studied celebrities and consider multiple of them as likely playing various personalities, without the public being aware. We studied famous deaths and consider multiple of them as potential hoax deaths (INXS’ Michael Hutchence and Pim Fortuyn and Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain). 

Of course, these cases require thorough investigation, before anyone should draw conclusions on what happened. But do we question the official news? Yes, we do. 


Due to an increase of stalking activities against Maud Oortwijn, we are asked to take down any posts on this website, to avoid Oortwijn being damaged by them in any police procedures (with lies!) which her stalkers start against her. Perhaps this might not be the best action now, as we do need public attention for wrongdoings by the system (!) and her stalkers should be stopped, not the other way around (!). There has been a very long history of intense stalking against Oortwijn, combined with false police reports against her. For now, we will respect the requests of her legal representatives. Perhaps in the near future we will update you again. 

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We said it before, they should ask Tina Turner to play Mahalia Jackson in a movie on her life

Mahalia Jackson, queen of gospel. Leading role in the black civil rights movement in the 1960s. We wrote about it before. They should make a movie about her life.

And doesn’t Mahalia Jackson just look a lot like Tina Turner? Seriously. Mahalia’s voice sometimes even sounds a bit like Tina Turner. Now what about that. It is just too much a coincidence, they should take advantage of: let Tina Turner play Mahalia Jackson.

Just look very closely at both performances. How much would it take, to change Tina into Mahalia? Sadly, the other casting option, Ms Marietje Herbrink, is no longer alive. So they can’t ask Herbrink. But they can ask Tina Turner.

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